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Lock screen keyboard: The surest app. to protect your information.

bloquear teclado de pantalla

If you want to use an excellent block application, you must download Lock screen keyboard from the Google Play store.

It is totally free and will give your Android a very special touch.
You Just Have to slide to unlock the screen. Or if you prefer,
to add security, you can use a pin that will not allow any intruder inspect your data.
Feel safe and confident
that all your information will be safe at all times with Lock screen keyboard.
You can also enjoy the prettiest wallpapers and animations that will transform your Android into a unique device.
Select the sound option or unset
it any time you want it.
You can make your phone vibrate, enabling or disabling
this feature at any moment.
Share this application with friends and enjoy all the security
only Lock Screen Keyboard can give you.
Going out
will no longer be a problem. If you lose your phone you should not fear that anyone could read your info.

Choose from a variety of images and turn them into your favorite wallpaper.
Go ahead and get this app now!
It is easy to download and
in just seconds you´ll count on the safest method you’ve ever known.

Download here!

Download The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Live WP and let the action begin!


If you’re a fan of the best character of all times, you must download the Amazing Spider-Man 2 Live WP, the only official! That will make you feel privileged.

Your Android already has a super hero who will become the envy of all your friends.
With this amazing application you’ll feel the excitement that only Marvel and its heroes can give.
Transform your Android with the character of this
great movi
With the free version you’ll get a detailed picture of the logo on
its clothing and if you unlock the premium version you will see that you´ll get many functions to take advantage of through the live wallpaper.
Use the logo of the suit to check your
battery. It will shine when it is charged and will fade as it consumes.
Unlock the 3D version and discover incredible animations.
Do not ever miss a message and see your missed calls with animated fantastic alerts
that will be sent to you whenever you receive a message or someone calls you.
You´ll be able to hear Spider-Man´s voice!. Download the clock application  and know how is the weather like!
Yes! This application is super complete and
with lots of surprises!
Unlocking the decal package you can use Spider-Man in the place of the screen where
you like most.
You will love the mask for your keyboard, you can get it with the Premium option.
Share with your friends your new Android with the most fascinating backgrounds and animations of all time
Make your favorite hero become your best companion in
your everyday life!

Download this app now!

HD Wallpapers: download thousands of HD backgrounds to customize your mobile device.


HD Wallpapers is chosen by more than 50 million users worldwide who have already downloaded and applied it to their Android.

It offers more than 7000 free wallpapers in HD with incredible images that will customize your phone uniquely.

Wallpapers are added every day so you always have the option to choose the ones you like.

Thousands of artists will brighten your day.

Do not worry about your batteries  life as downloading these wallpapers does not affect it at all.

Mark your images as favorites and add them to your download history.

Save your chosen images in an album for easy access.

More than 30 categories with a simple search.

Share these funds with your friends and acquaintances. Show off uploading them to social networks.

Go ahead and transform your Android right now. Decorate it with amazing widgets and photographs.

Be part of a community that has chosen this application enjoying it every day.

Thousands of images are waiting for you!

Download HD Wallpapers here!



Hi Launcher: the small but powerful application that will optimize your Android to the fullest.

hola launcher

Hi Launcher is an excellent and effective application to accelerate your mobile device very easily and quickly.
It has only 2MB of memory, i
s small but powerful and will look very elegant in your inbox.
Do not feel frustrated because your Android works slowly, from now on you can optimize all your downloads and enjoy the benefits Hi Launcher has for you!
It’s just perfect!
It will provide you with the best themes, wallpapers and the best elements to personalize your mobile device.


With Hi Shine you can slide your finger across the screen so a circular menu opens. This way you´ll be able to use the most frequent apps and the adjust menus.

Hi Boost speeds up your Android freeing up RAM in just one step!

Protect your privacy with Hello Box hiding the applications you do not want to be shown in your inbox and at the same time access them.

If you slide down your finger on the screen of your Android you can find very quickly, contacts, applications or web pages. Also try with voice search.

You can install the best themes and wallpapers with the best quality, absolutely free!
Each week they are renewed!

Intercept all the apps you do not want to be shown in your home screen and keep them in order.

With the notification system you´ll be able to read all your important messages without losing sight as you can access a unique icon on your home screen.

Extend your battery´s life blocking your Android easily.

Find out how the weather would be like during the week with this sensational benefit of Hi Launcher.

Give priority to the applications placing them on your home screen and making them open faster.

Place the apps in folders by categories to make them easier to find and let your inbox look great.

Go ahead and Join the more than a million people who already have downloaded this application. It will surprise you!

 Download here!

Zedge™ Ringtones and Wallpapers: the most useful and fun app to personalize your mobile device.


Tired of your cell phone always looking the same way? Now with Zedge you will have countless ringtones and wallpapers so your Android looks like never before!

Notification sounds and funny pictures will turn it into a device filled with color and fun.
Each wallpaper
will perfectly suit your Android so you can enjoy a unique experience.
suggestions so you can quickly find what you want.
your contacts with the tones and notification sounds available on Zedge.
dd it to your favorites in a very easy way.
-Use The sort options with different categories.
Easily choose wallpapers that you like.
Have fun with Zedge sharing content with your contacts.
Change Wallpapers and quickly launch your favorite games with
the Widgets available.
Now you can be proud of your
mobile and show it to all your friends. For Sure they will also want to download Zedge and get the best customizations of wallpapers and tones.
Share this experience with them and be part of this transformation that will turn your mobile device into an original and unique Android.



ZERO: transform your Android in your best cellphone ever!


How do you see yourself with a cellphone were you´ll be able to constantly change the wallpapers and make it look really outstanding?

Now with Zero you have the choice of using 3D images and original top wallpapers and more!
Its effects are unmatched and it takes only 0.2 seconds to transform the image!
Unique effects. Excellent picture
and quality that you will love.
Spectacular image Launcher and backgrounds screen.
With Zero you have
fun guaranteed as it features dozens of unique backgrounds so you can choose the one you like and alternate it whenever you want.
The best quality is available
for you, FREE !, go ahead and transform your phone as you like.
With Zero you will have a 1 Mega pack so you can enjoy sophisticated 3D effects.
This small pitcher is more popular than any other you may have. Show to your friends the wallpapers and themes of your choice and you’ll see how they´ll  love them.
Your phone will never
look more authentic and fun!
You can have high quality items
which you can enjoy at anytime.
Are you bored of the same theme? Choose any theme available and in less than a second you’ll have it downloaded.
Wallpapers &
3D icons
Various designs very easy to use.
After testing with Zero, your phone will never look the same.
Hundreds of fun and colorful pictures for you.
are you waiting for? Download Zero now and enjoy the design of the phone you´ve always dreamed of.
Best wallpapers, icons and images are waiting for you.
Download now Zero, the free app from Google Play Store and turn your mobile device into the envy of
all your friends!