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Keyboard Go-Free Emojis: transform your Android as you always dreamed of!


Color your life and use  the best app to customize your keyboard… FREE!

The number 1 keypad emojis app of Google Play, is now available so you can transform your mobile device and have fun like never before!

Go Keyboard developed its package emojis, the most fun and colorful, so your Android looks really unique. Express your feelings with creativity, surprise your friends with the best icons that will perfectly represent your state of mind in an incomparable way. More than 800 emoticons and smileys that will leave you speechless!

You can use them in all apps, not just in Whatsapp but also in your SMS, Gmail and more! Access very easily to all the emojis, emoticons and smileys! Classify them and use them as you like.

Add text to your emojis and share it with your friends! Use social networks and express your mood in smileys. No matter what version of Android you have, this app is adapted to all Android devices so you can truly enjoy the pleasure of communicating. Already millions of users downloaded this app and are enjoying it everyday.

You too can be part of it!

Download keyboard GO – free emojis, from the Google Play Store and activate the icon keyboard Go.

Get ready to surprise yourself!

Download this app here!

Memrise teaches languages free and gives you the opportunity to learn as you always wanted!


A new way of learning languages reached your Android to expand your general knowledge and learn the way you always dreamed of.
An effective and simple app. that will
make you learn your favorite language in a short period of time.
With Memrise you can learn up to 44 words per hour, thanks to a scientific system that makes your brain more easily grasp the words.
Through various methods of game that will put your memory
to work you will achieve your goals.
Visual learning
will be applied, as well as reviewing and a fast evocation, among other things.
You can choose from dozens of English courses depending on your level and your needs, 
for free.
an effective monitoring, you can review the words at the right time.
You will have several examples, including quotes, videos and pronunciation.
Memrise’s all a science designed by Ed Cooke, famous for being one of the best-known
memory coaches of recent times. Besides, a team of cognitive scientists work with him in order to ensure effectiveness in this application so you can achieve optimal results.
At the same time, the London University College collaborated with Memrise to organize The Memrise Prize, a competition that is held once a year and that awards with one thousand dollars to the person who discovers the most effective method for learning vocabulary.
These winne
r methods are used in the learning games of Memrise.
Now, learn
ing languages is really easy and effective. Go ahead and choose the one that you always wanted to learn.
Memrise is FREE and gives you the opportunity to expand your knowledge.
it now!

Mobills Personal Finance: Your personal finance manager, free for your mobile device!

Finanzas Personales Mobills

The app that will simplify your life, arrived! Mobills Personal Finance will, from now on be your trusted application because it will help you to carry out the accounting of your home and in your personal life very effectively.
You no longer need to worry because you do not know how you spent your money, this app. will do everything for you and will serve as CFO breaking down each of your expenses.
Classify your income and expenses in graphs and reports to analyze your financial life.
Organize and plan your daily expenditures having a useful and effective tool at the same time.
Take your accounts from your Android everywhere and use this simple system that will give you peace of mind.
Organize your financial life and manage your expenses as you always wanted.
Control credit cards and monthly expenses.
No need to be an expert in finance. Personal Finance Mobills is easy to use and will give you accurate information.
Record all your daily expenses.
Analyze your expenses through effective interactive graphics.
Synchronizes in the cloud.
Browse through the toolbox and quickly record expenditure.
Use the different categories.
Set goals and plan budgets.
Get alerts to your email accounts of what you must pay.
Keep track of your credit cards.
Attach information you have about your bills, and more.
Use the overflow option to see how to handle your budget.
Mobills Personal Finance, is undoubtedly the best choice to manage your finances.

Get it here for free from Google Play!

Battery: enjoy the best application to save your battery. Free for Android



Would you like the battery of your Android look elegant and at the same time be very effective?
Now with Battery you can make it possible and enjoy lots of benefits!
Save battery as you always wanted, increasing the performance of your applications.
Know your battery percentage step by step to see how much spare time you have left.
No matter where you are, with this app. you’ll always know if you can play your favorite game loads, watch a film or just surf the internet.You can also save battery!
Its modern interface, simple, yet useful and attractive will surprise you like no other app. Has done before.
It is constantly updating to bring you the best.
Battery is compatible with all resolutions and screen lock widgets.
You will see in percentage how much battery remains.
Millions of people worldwide are using it!
Enjoy the benefits of Battery and download this free app. from Google Play store.


Flash Alerts 2: complete application that notifies all your messages and calls! Free for Android.


An incredible app that will hallucinate you arrived! Flash Alerts 2 will keep you informed at all times of all messages and calls on your phone.
The flash
of your Android will blink whenever you receive a notification.
Regulates the frequency of the same in one step ON / OFF.
With Flash Alerts 2, you’ll never miss a text message or a call again!
Get all the information immediately with the blink of your cell.
No matter if your phone is silent, this application
will work no matter the state of your Android.
Personalize either for SMS, calls or notifications.
Now you don´t need to be aware of your mobile anymore, Flash Alerts 2 will keep you informed instantly!
Download now this application from Google Play Store and within seconds you’ll have a unique application that you’ll love.
Millions of people around the world have already chosen to have in
their Android Flash Alerts 2 and you, what are you waiting for?.

Download Flash Alerts 2 Here!

Lock screen keyboard: The surest app. to protect your information.

bloquear teclado de pantalla

If you want to use an excellent block application, you must download Lock screen keyboard from the Google Play store.

It is totally free and will give your Android a very special touch.
You Just Have to slide to unlock the screen. Or if you prefer,
to add security, you can use a pin that will not allow any intruder inspect your data.
Feel safe and confident
that all your information will be safe at all times with Lock screen keyboard.
You can also enjoy the prettiest wallpapers and animations that will transform your Android into a unique device.
Select the sound option or unset
it any time you want it.
You can make your phone vibrate, enabling or disabling
this feature at any moment.
Share this application with friends and enjoy all the security
only Lock Screen Keyboard can give you.
Going out
will no longer be a problem. If you lose your phone you should not fear that anyone could read your info.

Choose from a variety of images and turn them into your favorite wallpaper.
Go ahead and get this app now!
It is easy to download and
in just seconds you´ll count on the safest method you’ve ever known.

Download here!

CM Security: Download the best antivirus for your Android.


If you want to protect your mobile device from any threat, CM Antivirus is the solution for you!
Winning for the seventh time as the best antivirus in the world, its quality and effectiveness has been recognized by the German organization AV-TEST.
This powerful antivirus takes all security measures for your Android and does not miss anything!
¿Had someone introduced the wrong password on your device for a second time? CM Antivirus will take a picture of the intruder!
Nobody will read your Whatsapp and will not have access to your social networks with this super powerful antivirus!
Use a password to access your data and sleep peacefully.
Avoid arguments with your partner or stop worrying about if your phone is lost, no one will have access to your information.
Choose which applications you want to protect: contacts, Facebook, Whatsapp, pictures, etc will no longer be available to anyone.
Over 50 million users have downloaded this efficient and professional application that is also available in 26 languages.
Don´t let your children buy or access applications that you do not want, do it by blocking settings.
CM Security also has a powerful antivirus system that will protect your Android, safeguarding your files and important information.
The web pages and files no longer will be a threat to your cell as its powerful and effective pre-scan of just 5 seconds, will protect it in case you want to access those pages.
Block annoying unwanted calls from people. CM Security does it for you!
Locate your lost or stolen Android on a map or make it “scream” to be found.
No other application has never been so effective!
CM Security offers you all scans and necessary safety systems.
Save on peace and download this application now!
CM Security is the Fort Knox of applications for mobiles!

Download it here!

Square Quick: Transform your photos with the best image editor!


Would you like to make your images look unique and have everyone saying something good about them?

If you love photography, try Square Quick, the only editor app that will transform your pictures into real works of art.

Show off as if you are a true professional. Your signature will appear in the corner of each of the photos!

Easy to use, professional and simple, a single application that will motivate you to continue adding pictures to your albums.

Millions of people are using Quick Square and are 100% satisfied!

Ideal for teenagers who want to change their image with original and unique touches.

Have fun editing your pictures. Post them on social networks and let everyone talk about you!

Select different designs as backgrounds, you can even use a photograph of yourself and adjust its sharpness.

Surprise everyone with your pictures and add lighting effects to give a different touch.

Dress up your photo with fun emoticons and add your personal style.

You have dozens of them to choose from.

Build your image according to your mood and select the settings you like.

Tag your pictures with various reminders and also add your own signature!

Do not try hard to make your pictures look professional! Quick Square makes everything easier for you! 

Download this free application, here!

PHOTO EDITOR: your most beautiful pictures with this complete application for your mobile device.

foto editor

If you like your pictures to look really spectacular, yet professional, Photo Editor is the perfect application to edit your images like if you were a real expert.

A simple and advanced system that will allow you create images like you never imagined before with a lot of tools that you can use at all times.

Use unique effects, stickers and edit your photos as you want.

Want to frame that special moment?

Photo Editor provides a wide variety of frames for you to remember those unique moments enhancing your photograph.

Remove or add shine, use weak or strong colors, black and white to give a different touch or sepia to make it look old.

Dozens of effects are at your disposal.

Cut, rotate or straighten the image according to your preference.

Adjust the brightness and saturation color.

Focuse or blur the image.

Fun stickers will give your photos a twist. Choose the ones you like most and share them with your friends.

Do you like drawing? Do it! But do not forget to add text.

With Photo Editor you can learn the most incredible tricks for your pictures and make them look beautiful.

Test all its tools and be surprised with everything that you´ll able to achieve.

Download it for free from Google Play and turn into the photographer you´ve always dreamed of.

Download this application here!

Mobile Security & Antivirus: the most effective security app. for your Android.


Millions of people around the world have already downloaded Mobile Security & Antivirus and consider it the best application of all times.
a single security system that will protect your Android in various ways, so you can feel calm trusting an application highly valued by its users.
No longer worry about viruses, malware and spyware on your mobile device. This full and effective app. will keep your Android free of anything that might damage it.
Lost your phone?
Avast Mobile Security, will help you find it!
By location
it by the mobile function through the web.
Protect your data and do not let others read it
. If your phone was stolen you can erase its memory and block it with the anti-theft device function.
Keep your privacy and block numbers
of users that you do not want to get in touch with you.
Get detailed information about each of the installed applications.
up your data to keep it safe without the possibility of losing it.
Receive notifications in case your phone is lost and there is a change in the SIM card.
Get a picture of the person who stole your mobile as well as voice recordings.
No other application was never so complete!
Mobile Security & Antivirus is free and is certainly the ideal application to protect your d
Relie on a 100% efficient system that will provide the necessary protection in case your mobile is lost.
Download it now for free. You also have the
premium option with even more advanced features.
Mobile Security & Antivirus gives you confidence.

Download it here!