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PicsArt: Photo Studio. Become the professional photographer you always dreamed of.


If you love photography and want your pictures to look really professional you must download PicsArt, a free application that will provide you with everything you need to outstand as a great photographer without effort!.
Make incredible editions, collage of images, painting and drawing on your phone as if it were a canvas and
show off with your best shots.
At the same time you can stay in touch and communicate with thousands of creative users
that like yourself are making the most of this application.
This professional
app will give you hundreds of software tools and this way the effects of your pictures will look unique.
Let PicsArt reinforce your love for photography fueling your inspiration and creativity.
Let the world
talk about your art and talent!.
Dozens of tools that allow
s you to edit photos.
Effects and filters.
Overlapping text
s, images and labels.
for drawing and making paintings with layers.
Advanced brushes that will enhance your art.
Share your images on social networks and also participate in the cooperation of other photographs to help edit and improve th
eir work. Enter the PicsArt world that gives you all the professionalism of other programs but free.
You can also use your knowledge of photography in a very easy way as it does not requires training.
Start now and compete in photo contests
of design and drawing.
Use the stickers, and artistic overlapping layers  and creat
e your best image.
Millions of people around the world have already tried this application! Do not stay out!

Download now!

B612: your best selfies in one application.


Now you can enjoy the most outstanding photographs with an application that will make you shine!

Discover dozens of ways of transforming your selfies achieving amazing effects.

Different harmonies of light will give your image a special touch in vivid colors turning it into your best shot.

Have fun taking pictures with your friends and discover a thousand ways to get the perfect effect.

B612 has more than 81 filters, to make each picture look unique and give it the touch you want.

If you can not decide which filter you prefer , use the random option that will help you find the right one.

With B612 you can also create a mini video of 3 seconds to recreate your memories!

Just touch the screen for a few seconds and record those moments you always wanted.

Share with your friends the best, pictures that will always remain in your heart and become a professional photographer even if you are not!

Use this app to give a different touch to your images and thus make them look unique.

Upload your favorite pics to social networks and dazzle everyone with your best shots.

Discover dozens of possibilities offered by B612 and enjoy this great app.

Do you want to take a picture without anyone noticing it? Use the muffler and take your best shots quietly.

Download the app and be part of thousands of people who already have tried it!

Start now and live with B612 an unparalleled experience.

Download here!


Yahoo! your daily source of personalized news, free on your phone!


Yahoo, the app to be informed all the time

Yahoo! the application to stay up to date with the breaking news, free on your phone!

The Yahoo app for android, iphone and tablets brings you the latest headline news, stories and original content. This app gives you the latest news in one place with 12 categories including politics, sports, finance, business, art, technology, cinema, cars and much more.

Get the news and stories you like, summarized by Yahoo. Yahoo makes a summary for you and you can read it before you open the entire article. Receive pictures and videos that illustrate each story. You can also adjust your text size (small, medium and large) to read the news comfortably.

In Yahoo Women,  you’ll find beauty and fashion news, tips, recipes and many issues related to love, sex, health and family.

You can also enjoy popular games and go to a Website where you can ask questions and receive answers on a variety of topics.

Download this app to be informed all the time!

Enjoy this new experience. Everything it’s on the Yahoo app!

Get the application here!

TripAdvisor, the best application for travelers


TrypAdvisor, the best information to plan the perfect  trip

Download and install TripAdvisor on your phone to have access to the world’s largest travel network. Millions of traveler reviews, pictures, videos, maps and opinions to plan and book your perfect trip!

This app offers the latest and most relevant information about a range of destinations across the world. It is a free and very easy to use.

With one click you access to all offers and you can book airplanes, hotels and restaurants. TripAdvisor also includes a Forums section, where you can post questions and exchange tips and information with a particular place with others users.

Download maps, reviews, tips and everything you need to know before and during your trip! You can use the TripAdvisor to search for a specific location or set it to look for places in the immediate area around you.

TripAdvisor, a world of travel information, free on your phone! Download here!

Instagram, capturing and sharing the world’s moments


Instagram, the easier app to share  your time with people around the world

Share your best moments and have fun with Instagram!

The most practical and easy application for sharing photos and videos with all your friends. Available for iPhone and Android.

Take a picture or video, choose a filter to transform its look and then post it to Instagram. It’s that easy!  Filters are the best part of application: You have a list of photographic filters that you can apply to your images and transform them into works of art!

An interesting feature of Instagram is giving a square shape to photos, imitating the Polaroid. You’ll love it!

You can also share photos on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks,  follow people you admire and send messages and photos privately with your friends.

More than 300 million people use it. Share your photos and videos with Instagram, a new way of seeing the world.

Download and install here.

94%: the game of questions and answers that tests your intelligence.

noventay cuatro

If you like challenges and games of thinking, this app will definitely delight you.

A game that challenges your intelligence and common sense, where you must correctly answer 94% of questions to get a good score and thus become one of the winners.

Questions such as: Which animals are born from an egg ?, Which is the first thing I do in the morning? Or expressions like “I could not live without …,” among many others, are just some of the mysteries proposed by this fun game in which with the 94% correct of the answers are already a winner!

Activate your brain and show you are able to answer correctly.
Compete with your friends to see who can get the highest score.
Topics, expressions and images are part of this entertaining game that will make you think a lot.

Imagine what other users wrote down and you´ll get the right answer. Easy and common sense questions that turns this original game into a challenge for yourself and will keep you entertained for hours.

How do I play?

It is very easy but you must also use your imagination to imagine what others think!

One of the words that appear in the game is chocolate. You should write down everything that comes to your mind with chocolate, every time it matches with what other people have written down a percentage will be added until it completes the 94%. Sometimes it takes some time to guess what other people have written down and you will want to solve it quickly.
At the same time, you have FREE wildcards that will help you solve the riddle:
The same will give
you the first letter followed by blank spaces and it also gives you some letters which matches the word. Think, choose the correct one and win!

With 94% you will be active and constantly thinking. An ideal app for those who love a challenging game.
Download it for free and get ready to win!

TWITTER: the social media that changed our way of communicating.


If you are fan of social media you´ve probably heard about  Twitter the number 1 social media with millions of users around the world.

Twitter was born in 2006, in US as a totally free service with no publicity. It´s very easy to use and it changed the mode of communication as public and private merge.

With Twitter you can write and read messages of no more than 140 characters, known as tweets.

Twitter is the name of a microblogging network and its a variant of the blogs. What´s its difference with other social media?

The brevity of the messages and its easy publication as tweets cab be written by the mobil device or instant messaging softwares.

Use your imagination and express yourself in 140 characters, think what you wish to transmit. Either a mood, news or a simple comment. Communicate with your twitter friends!

Unlike Facebook, Twitter has followers and you dont need to send a friend request if you want to read someone´s tweet, simply follow that account and you can stay updated with all its comments.

At the same time you can share status updates and retweet them , ie, share a story that has been published in another account so our followers can read them

The Trending Topics are the most frequently mentioned issues of the day and the famous hashtags are words or phrases that begin with the hash symbol or numeral to create a list.

Also send private messages and add other users your tweets to make them part of your comments.

Twitter is widely used by famous and has a lot of impact as millions of fans around the world can follow their idols through this means getting to know their affairs, concerts, activities and everything that they prefer of their favorite stars.

When a user posts a message on his Twitter page, all users who have chosen the option of receiving them will do, and it can also be seen immediately in the user´s profile.

Twitter is free and you can download it through the Google Play Store App. Your download is easy and only registering with a username and password, you can communicate with millions of people who are also on the network.

What are you waiting to become part of the great community of Twitter? Download it now and start adding thousands of followers!





Badoo: the best way of meeting people and making new friends.


Would you like to meet new people and don´t know how?, do you wish to make new friends, make an appointment or find the love of your life? Then you must know Badoo!

Badoo is a social media that counts with over 180 million users around the world and it´s waiting for you to join it!.

You´ll have the option to add a profile picture and answer a few questions Badoo has for you so in taht way users can know you better.

Anyway you have the option of chosing what level of privacy you want and see which information you wish to make public or not.

You can tag your friends and let others identify who´s on the picture.

If you are a Badoo user you can write about anything you want, a particular subject, your interests, expectations, and more. Complement this with pictures and videos to make your presentation even more complete and attractive.

In your homepage you´ll receive the most important notifications about the recent activity in Badoo, that way you´ll keep updated about everything that is happening at that moment. Remember you´ll always have the option of accepting or rejecting friend requests.

If you have been tagged in a page or if someone has sent you a private message you´ll be able to read it.
At the same time Badoo has the advantage of giving you a tool to know the size of your website audience. With this unique feature you can get to know more people.
In the most voted section you can vote other users and they can vote you in order to obtain a prominent place in Badoo.

You can also pay to appear at the top of the list “Search for people”

As you can see being a Badoo user has many advantages beacuse at the same time it gives you the possibility of knowing people, chating, having at your disposal pictures, videos, and instant messaging.
Meet local and international people, find persons you haven´t seen for a long time, go out on a date, make new friends and share pictures, videos and more!

With Badoo you´ll meet a world of people!!!


LINE: the #1 instant messaging service of the world.


Do you want to communicate free and send infinite messages? Then Line is the ideal solution for you that will allow you to stay connected, making free calls and sending messages from anywhere, 24 hours a day.
Line is the number 1 app in downloads and it is present in countries such us: Thailand, Japan, China, Spain, Malaysia, India, Switzerland, Mexico, Russia and more!
How did Line emerged?
Line emerged as a way for workers in the South Korean NHN could communicate with each other after the earthquake in Japan in 2011. The same had caused the fall of the telephone lines and that´s why this app was created.
Two months later Line came to light to the general public and it only 3 years it turned into the global success it is today.
Line´s main characteristic is it´s FREE and that the voice messages and video calls have no cost at all. At the same time you can make international calls and speak with whom you want the time you want without having to pay a cent for it.
Would you like to feel near those loved ones who live far away? Line counts with the function of video calls so you can speak with whomever you want always feeling close.
Search now for other Line users and start sharing with them everything you´ve always wanted.
Take advantage of the excellent quality in voice messages and video calls from any part of the world and forget about wasting in telephony or sending mails. With Line you can get in contact instantly with millions of users all over the world.
Line counts with an instant messaging service so as to make your communication easier and faster.
Have fun with your friends sending pictures and stickers. Give your conversations a personal touch with the famous characters you like so much.
Through the timeline option you can keep updated with your friends publishing information of your location, pictures, texts, flies, movies and stickers of your favorite characters.
Download now this app through Google Play Store, which counts with more than 75 million users around the world
With Line you´ll be able to: synchronize your contacts, confirm the delivery of messages, send stickers, emoticons and create groups.
Download now this free app in your Android and start living the unique experience of communicating with your friends every day all day long!

TANGO: a new way of communicating.


If you are the kind of person who loves to send messages with friends, keeping in touch and send files and pictures, then you should use this FREE app that will allow you stay in touch all day long without paying a cent!

¡Connect with people you care about with this free messaging service!

With Tango you´ll not only send unlimited messages but you can make calls and send voice messages, you can also play games, send music and make new friends!

Millions of users already downloaded Tango on their movil device and they are using it as their main app.

Tango is free and easy to use!, every voice call, video calls and text messages have no cost.

Start using Tango creating your account in just one second!

Do you want to know which of your friends use it? Let Tango find them automatically.

You can make calls and send messages just like you do with your movil device.

Take advantage of the excellent quality of the phone calls and speak with whom you prefer.

You can have individual conversations or groups up to 300 contacts!

Have fun customizing your profile with status updates and pictures. Mark the ones you like most, share and edit them.

In the news section you can publish status, videos, music, links and anything you want to surprise your friends! Chose your favourite video and share it through Spotify!

You´ll be able to find friends more easily doesn´t matter where in the world they are. Contact them, send messages or call them!

Use the tool: “People you may know” to add more contacts to your list.

With Tango you can explore many categories among which you can find, entertainment, sports, music, style and news, among others!

Enjoy dozens of games available in Tango.

Send cute stickers and animations to customize your conversations and make them more entertaining and fun.

With Tango you´ve got anything you need to enjoy communicating with your friends and the best of all, its FREE.

Find this app in Google Play Store, download it and in just a few seconds it´ll be ready so you can start using it and communicating with thousands of Tango users that are waiting for you!

What are you waiting to start using this app? Million people already tried it and every day more people join.

Reacquaint with old friends and be part of Tango community!