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ShareTheMeal-with children: help in the fight against global hunger and make a child happy with this simple app.

share the meal

 Help change the world and be part of this initiative that helps, along with the United Nations, to combat hunger of millions of children around the world!

Helping was never so easy and being part of this movement will make you feel really complete.

How many times we wanted to help children that we know are in serious needs and don´t know how? ShareTheMeal offers you, in a very simple way, the possibility of helping kids. This way we can contribute to make a better world.

With only 40 cents of euro you´ll be able to help a child with hunger for 1 day. According to Wired of Germany, ShareTheMeal is one of the 15 best ideas to combat hunger.

The United Nations, in turn, stood out this app and assured it has the potential to promote a better world with the help of all of us. It is really fantastic! With just one click you can make the difference. You can help change the world “sharing a meal” with these children in need and suffering. It doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing. You can help from anywhere to needy children in a very simple way.

You can monitor our progress as we will keep you abreast of where your food will be distributed and the impact generated by the same. Not only you can collaborate but also your friends! Encourage them to be part of this initiative.

Download this app from Google Play Store and help thousands of children around the world.

Together we can make a difference!

Get Share theMeal- with children here!

Call Timer-Control Plan: the application that will track your minutes helping you save money.


The app that you’ve been waiting for arrived!

With Call Timer – Control Plan you won´t have problems any longer figuring out the remaining time you have left to talk. You can control the use of your data plan, as well as your calls and SMS. It will also alert you and hang the call so you don´t exceed your minutes, if you wish so. Not only will it control your phone calls, but also the consumption of internet data and data in general.

This way it will help you save money and enjoy your Android to the maximum. Call Timer is highly effective and will become your trusted application at all times. Would you like to know which apps use more data? ¡Call Timer will warn you! Take a better control excluding free applications of data consumption.

With Call Timer you don’t have to worry when you’re about to reach the time limit on a free call, through its effective system it will inform you when this happens so you can enjoy your conversation. Configure the app to hang your call automatically when you reach the predetermined amount of time or use the redial option, auto hang up or auto answer in your numbers for free.

Set the alert times depending on your contacts,choose a type of alert with sound and vibration and much more!

Millions of users have downloaded this app and are enjoying its benefits! You too can enjoy it!

Download Call Timer from Google Play and start saving now!

Get the application here!

CM Security: Download the best antivirus for your Android.


If you want to protect your mobile device from any threat, CM Antivirus is the solution for you!
Winning for the seventh time as the best antivirus in the world, its quality and effectiveness has been recognized by the German organization AV-TEST.
This powerful antivirus takes all security measures for your Android and does not miss anything!
¿Had someone introduced the wrong password on your device for a second time? CM Antivirus will take a picture of the intruder!
Nobody will read your Whatsapp and will not have access to your social networks with this super powerful antivirus!
Use a password to access your data and sleep peacefully.
Avoid arguments with your partner or stop worrying about if your phone is lost, no one will have access to your information.
Choose which applications you want to protect: contacts, Facebook, Whatsapp, pictures, etc will no longer be available to anyone.
Over 50 million users have downloaded this efficient and professional application that is also available in 26 languages.
Don´t let your children buy or access applications that you do not want, do it by blocking settings.
CM Security also has a powerful antivirus system that will protect your Android, safeguarding your files and important information.
The web pages and files no longer will be a threat to your cell as its powerful and effective pre-scan of just 5 seconds, will protect it in case you want to access those pages.
Block annoying unwanted calls from people. CM Security does it for you!
Locate your lost or stolen Android on a map or make it “scream” to be found.
No other application has never been so effective!
CM Security offers you all scans and necessary safety systems.
Save on peace and download this application now!
CM Security is the Fort Knox of applications for mobiles!

Download it here!

Mobile Security & Antivirus: the most effective security app. for your Android.


Millions of people around the world have already downloaded Mobile Security & Antivirus and consider it the best application of all times.
a single security system that will protect your Android in various ways, so you can feel calm trusting an application highly valued by its users.
No longer worry about viruses, malware and spyware on your mobile device. This full and effective app. will keep your Android free of anything that might damage it.
Lost your phone?
Avast Mobile Security, will help you find it!
By location
it by the mobile function through the web.
Protect your data and do not let others read it
. If your phone was stolen you can erase its memory and block it with the anti-theft device function.
Keep your privacy and block numbers
of users that you do not want to get in touch with you.
Get detailed information about each of the installed applications.
up your data to keep it safe without the possibility of losing it.
Receive notifications in case your phone is lost and there is a change in the SIM card.
Get a picture of the person who stole your mobile as well as voice recordings.
No other application was never so complete!
Mobile Security & Antivirus is free and is certainly the ideal application to protect your d
Relie on a 100% efficient system that will provide the necessary protection in case your mobile is lost.
Download it now for free. You also have the
premium option with even more advanced features.
Mobile Security & Antivirus gives you confidence.

Download it here!

Join wiMAN community and access wireless networks more easily


With wiman´s community you can share your experience about the use of Wify around the world, giving opinions and studying its speed.
can unlock your own networks, so that others can connect more easily and this way create the biggest community of wiMAN users.
Wiman has a database of over 20 million hot spots
and has been recognized by Google as one of the best applications of 2015, among other awards.
Enjoy the benefits Wiman has for you!
You can use the best wireless network in your area, browse faster, connect to free W
ifi networks around the world and also to all those who share Wiman users.
It is very easy to use and it’s free!
Share your Wifi
safely with Wiman´s community. You can also can block your network at any time if you wish so.
Download and save Wifi maps to know the exact location. It´s not necessary to be to connected to the internet.
You can also use wiMAN as a router.
With the speed test you’ll discover
how many networks really work.
With wiMAN, connecting to Wifi has never been so easy. Millions of users are willing to share their networks for free.

You too can be part of this wonderful community!

Download it here!

Save energy with the best application of all times: Battery Doctor!


Extend up to 50% of your batteries life in an application that will seeks and find those elements and configurations that are causing damage to your battery.
Battery Doctor will heal your Android!
Already more than 330 million people have downloaded this app! You can not stay out.
Battery Doctor is available in 27 languages
so all people around the world can have access to it.
Take e
ach of the advantages this app has for you.
Through a unique
3 phase charging system you can charge your mobile in the most convenient way helping save power and deactivating applications so your Android can work optimally.
You will
not only know exactly how much battery is left, but also the remaining charging time.
Use the widget to manage data
that will act as a scanner of tasks which can be easily closed with just one click.
Set the different energy saving modes.
Simple and easy interface.
With Battery Doctor applications will close when the screen is off.

It will also monitor the battery temperature and brightness, etc to increase its life.
Download now Battery Doctor and optimize your Android to the fullest!

Download here! 

COOKING FEVER: the kitchen game where you can prepare your favorite dishes.


Do you Like cooking and delighting yourself with delicious courses? Cooking Fever is an addictive game full of delicious flavors where you can show off as a great chef preparing your favorite food.

8 exclusive restaurants where you will prepare exotic courses, desserts and fast food.

Be part of this unique culinary adventure!
What do you prefer? seafood or an oriental restaurant?
you´ll have a variety of options to choose.
te different cooking techniques and use dozens of ingredients to prepare the most delicious courses.
A good chef needs of modern
machinery to prepare his food so you´ll have the option of cooking your best meals with the appropriate installations.
Pizza ovens,coffee machines and many other appliances are available for you.
A restaurant requires a good decoration to attract customers
so decorate your place the way you like most and turn it into the center of attraction!
reate your own free food and delicious cupcakes everybody will talk about!
Perform more than 400 meals and desserts with over 150 ingredients.
Unique locations
where you can find:
-Restaurant Fast food.
– Chinese Restaurant.
Sea Food
Indian Restaurant.
-Coffee Shop.
-Pastry Shop.
Complete over 300 levels of fun and creativity.
Hundreds of improvements to your kitchen so your courses look really special,
Cooking Fever is a game that will keep you entertained for hours!
A fever of flavor at your disposal!
With Cooking Fever share your favorite dishes on social networks and bring out your culinary skills.

DU Battery Saver: save energy with this leading application for your device.


If you’re worried that your battery is quickly consumed, the application you were waiting for arrived!

Du Battery Saver is a FREE app that extends the life of your battery by adding up to 50% more time to use your mobile device or tablet.
DU Battery Saver mode has a smart power management that will really make a difference.
It is easy to use and with just one touch you will be activating this powerful application.
Forget problems with your battery, you will not run out of charge again whenever you need your phone.

DU Battery Saver prevents other apps from using the same battery decreasing it.
It’s very easy! and the best of all it´s FREE!
What are the characteristics of DU Battery Saver?
Save energy quickly finding and solving problems at the time, simply pressing the “optimize” button.
Use the different ways of saving energy in a very simple way. You can use it whether using preset modes administration or creating your own saving mode for maximum performance.
Your battery will be effectively protected with a secure application and loading process that will optimize your Android. Extend its life to more than double!
Very practical application that lets you save battery and prevents applications that are in the background do not consume energy by increasing the battery life.
No longer think of charging your phone all the time, this simple and practical application will save you up to 50%.
Enjoy the benefits of DU Battery Saver:
Through a detailed analysis you will know exactly how much battery life is left avoiding trouble and phones off when you most need them.
Choose the way in which you feel most comfortable with and that best suits your needs.
Optimize this powerful application with one click for your battery to render even more.
Observe the remaining battery level as best fits either as a percentage or remaining time.
This application will solve your life!
Download DU Battery Saver on your  Google Play Store and gain tranquility.
Your device will be protected with a highly practical and safe application FREE!

LUMOSITY: The mental training game that will awaken the genious in you.


Have you ever dreamed of turning yourself into a Genious? In finding methods to help work your mind and feel superior to others?

Now you can shine and highlight your intelligence with Lumosity, the new game for Android which will train your brain.

With more than 60 million users and adding each day more people , this system based in mini games will improve various facets related to our brain.

Improve your mental flexibility, solve attention and memory problems, train your speed process and have fun learning from this super app practiced by millions of persons around the world.

Lumosity consists in 5 minigames with personalized entertainments that will follow your progress. This useful tool will allow you compare your progress respecting to past trainings and you will be able to train and develop your brain just as if it were a muscle.


Challenge your brain and show yourself and others how good you are using your mind. Train your memory and attention at any moment any time you want.

Lumosity is FREE and available for Android so you can start playing NOW. Download it from Google Play Store and feel yourself a real genious.

How was Lumosity created?

Lumosity has been designed by neurologists to streamline the functions of the brain, like memory, attention, etc. It has been proved that the games in Lumosity has improved the basic cognitive abilities of work in various investigation studios thanks to its base in the study of neuroplasticity.

Lumosity works with investigators of various of the most outstanding US Universities and that way through learning it applies in Lumosity to turn it into an effective game.

Test yourself in the areas you´re interested in, to improve yourself day after day.

Compare yourself with member sof different ages or of your same age to see how you progress.

You don´t need to be a genious to practice these minigames, in fact they will help you awaken qualities you didn´t even imagen!

Chose different moments to evaluate your performance and compare your progress.

Remember your brain is like a muscle, your should work it out and keep it always challenged. Put it to work!

There are 7 studios published on line and are going to be adding more to achieve better performance to the user.

What are you waiting to download in your mobil device this app chosen already by millions of users? Enjoy this training scientifically designed so you can play and discover the genious in you!