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YouCam makeup: enhances your beauty instantly!


YouCam Makeup-Beauty Salon, is your portable room makeup!

Now you can apply your make-up instantly by testing the perfect combinations of lips, shadows, masks, foundations and much more. Use your makeup differently each day, depending on your mood, clothing or occasion.

You can try dozens of different looks that matches your style and personality. You no longer need makeup to take a picture, YouCam Makeup does it for you!

Use the Cosmetic-Cam to take pictures in real time, with just one click you will achieve a unique effect. You can achieve the ideal style for each event testing the combination of hundreds of colors.

Get a supple and perfect skin with the incredible effects available. Change your eye color, whiten your teeth and cover dark circles and blemishes.

You will look like a princess!

Let your selfies look really unique! Share what you like most about beauty, exploring the latest in fashion.

Get inspired following experts in the industry publishing pictures that will surprise you. Tag the products you use and publish photos on your profile to share your style. Get yourself a perfect face a luminous skin and without defects!

By simply pressing a button, you can adjust the changes immediately.

Create a natural look or use more makeup depending on the occasion.

Make your skin look more or less tanned according to the season.

Restore your skin to an ideal style.

Improve your nose to get perfect factions.

Sharpen up your face and look more thinner.

Put style to your eyebrows, give brightness to your eyes or give volume and lengthen your lashes.

This app is truly magical!

And there is more!

Hundreds of colors of shades for your eyes, different types of glosses for your lips to look fleshier.

Use different styles of eyeliners for an incredible look.

Change your hair color and hair styles.

Test different and great styles.

Get the best tips of professional stylists at your disposal!

YouCam makeup will make you shine with your look as it gives you all the necessary tools to turn you into a true star!

Become the envy of all your friends.

Upload photos with an unmatched production and feel more beautiful than ever!

Your best style, wherever you go.

¡YouCam Makeup-Beauty Salon  gives you the solution!

Download YouCam Makeup-Beauty Salon here, from Google Play Store.

Square Quick: Transform your photos with the best image editor!


Would you like to make your images look unique and have everyone saying something good about them?

If you love photography, try Square Quick, the only editor app that will transform your pictures into real works of art.

Show off as if you are a true professional. Your signature will appear in the corner of each of the photos!

Easy to use, professional and simple, a single application that will motivate you to continue adding pictures to your albums.

Millions of people are using Quick Square and are 100% satisfied!

Ideal for teenagers who want to change their image with original and unique touches.

Have fun editing your pictures. Post them on social networks and let everyone talk about you!

Select different designs as backgrounds, you can even use a photograph of yourself and adjust its sharpness.

Surprise everyone with your pictures and add lighting effects to give a different touch.

Dress up your photo with fun emoticons and add your personal style.

You have dozens of them to choose from.

Build your image according to your mood and select the settings you like.

Tag your pictures with various reminders and also add your own signature!

Do not try hard to make your pictures look professional! Quick Square makes everything easier for you! 

Download this free application, here!

PHOTO EDITOR: your most beautiful pictures with this complete application for your mobile device.

foto editor

If you like your pictures to look really spectacular, yet professional, Photo Editor is the perfect application to edit your images like if you were a real expert.

A simple and advanced system that will allow you create images like you never imagined before with a lot of tools that you can use at all times.

Use unique effects, stickers and edit your photos as you want.

Want to frame that special moment?

Photo Editor provides a wide variety of frames for you to remember those unique moments enhancing your photograph.

Remove or add shine, use weak or strong colors, black and white to give a different touch or sepia to make it look old.

Dozens of effects are at your disposal.

Cut, rotate or straighten the image according to your preference.

Adjust the brightness and saturation color.

Focuse or blur the image.

Fun stickers will give your photos a twist. Choose the ones you like most and share them with your friends.

Do you like drawing? Do it! But do not forget to add text.

With Photo Editor you can learn the most incredible tricks for your pictures and make them look beautiful.

Test all its tools and be surprised with everything that you´ll able to achieve.

Download it for free from Google Play and turn into the photographer you´ve always dreamed of.

Download this application here!

KiwiCamera: your pictures more professional and beautiful with the best photo app.


Now you can improve your photos with instant filters with more than 10 different themes.
Use your albums and appl
y all the filters you want adjusting them according to your preference.
Would you like to make your skin look like silk?
Get your best selfie with unique effects that will make you
look as ever!
Different effects and colors
will make your landscape images look really beautiful.
Your memories will come to life with vintage effects, black and white and other light effects
which you can apply according to your liking.
A camera like no other!.
Take pictures like a pro
even if you know little about photography!
With KiwiCamera you’ll look like ever since you can use the focus, zoom, timer, flash and many more features!
More than 50 collage designs to create your own style. Thirty-six different basic designs collage that you can combine
with multiple photos on a single framed photograph.
Decorate your images and give them a special touch by using stickers and frames that
will make them look really special.
Edit your p
ictures to make them look really the way you want. Crop, rotate, adjust and use bullets and inscriptions on them.
your favorite pictures and albums with your friends on social networks.
Make wonders with
your images as KiwiCamera allows you!
Prove you’re a real expert in photography and post your most beautiful photos.
Find them easily in your last albums.
Download Free KiwiCamera and fall in love more than ever with the photography world!

Google Photos: the best application for your photos and videos. Free for Android.


If you love photography and want your files to be organized, you have to download Google Photos, an application that will simplify your life apart of making your pictures and videos look amazing.

With Google Photos you can keep your most beloved pictures organized and find them easily.

Sort them according to the people, places or objects in them.

The grouping face function is only available in some countries.

Google Photos counts with a backup where your videos and photos will automatically be stored in a safe place and you can access them from any mobile device.

What kind of storage you prefer?

The Cloud: stores copies of high quality, free. Also its storage is unlimited.

15GB: saves free copies in its original size.

With this app., you can delete pictures and videos that are taking up space on your phone, without risk of losing them.

Save space with Google Photos!

Let your pictures come to life creating films, animations, photo collage and everything you can imagine.

To make your photos look really spectacular, use the editing tools. Adjust its size, color, filters, etc. Make your images look as true works of art.

Share your photos and videos with friends, or upload them to social networks.

Start enjoying now this super free tool that only Google Play can offer you.

Thousands of people have already tried it!

Download Google Photos here!

We Heart It: enjoy and get inspired with the best pictures every day of your life.


Millions of people around the world have been inspired to create images that will surely, at some point in their lives, have made them feel special.

Thousands of beautiful images are at your disposal so that not only can feel identified with them but also share them, discuss them and save them as favorites.
With We Heart It you’ll find the image that goes with your style, save quotes, phrases and stay updated through images, with the latest developments, trends and news around the world.
No matter what your interest
is, with We Heart It you´ll surely find the topic that you like and will fully enjoy the thousands of images available for you.
Upload and share your own favorite photos! Let the world know your art.
With this application you can view images and videos in excellent quality.
Enjoy and appreciate vivid colors or black and white and vintage styles.
There are so many images available that definitely you will find everything that you need. Just search for them and find them!
Save all your favorite images
and keep them neat and tidy. You can use them whenever you want.
Share your content with your friends on social networks.
For sure they´ll love it!.
Save your favorite images for topics according to your interest.
Join now the community of We Heart It. Millions of people are already connected to each other!

Download it here!








PicsArt: Photo Studio. Become the professional photographer you always dreamed of.


If you love photography and want your pictures to look really professional you must download PicsArt, a free application that will provide you with everything you need to outstand as a great photographer without effort!.
Make incredible editions, collage of images, painting and drawing on your phone as if it were a canvas and
show off with your best shots.
At the same time you can stay in touch and communicate with thousands of creative users
that like yourself are making the most of this application.
This professional
app will give you hundreds of software tools and this way the effects of your pictures will look unique.
Let PicsArt reinforce your love for photography fueling your inspiration and creativity.
Let the world
talk about your art and talent!.
Dozens of tools that allow
s you to edit photos.
Effects and filters.
Overlapping text
s, images and labels.
for drawing and making paintings with layers.
Advanced brushes that will enhance your art.
Share your images on social networks and also participate in the cooperation of other photographs to help edit and improve th
eir work. Enter the PicsArt world that gives you all the professionalism of other programs but free.
You can also use your knowledge of photography in a very easy way as it does not requires training.
Start now and compete in photo contests
of design and drawing.
Use the stickers, and artistic overlapping layers  and creat
e your best image.
Millions of people around the world have already tried this application! Do not stay out!

Download now!

B612: your best selfies in one application.


Now you can enjoy the most outstanding photographs with an application that will make you shine!

Discover dozens of ways of transforming your selfies achieving amazing effects.

Different harmonies of light will give your image a special touch in vivid colors turning it into your best shot.

Have fun taking pictures with your friends and discover a thousand ways to get the perfect effect.

B612 has more than 81 filters, to make each picture look unique and give it the touch you want.

If you can not decide which filter you prefer , use the random option that will help you find the right one.

With B612 you can also create a mini video of 3 seconds to recreate your memories!

Just touch the screen for a few seconds and record those moments you always wanted.

Share with your friends the best, pictures that will always remain in your heart and become a professional photographer even if you are not!

Use this app to give a different touch to your images and thus make them look unique.

Upload your favorite pics to social networks and dazzle everyone with your best shots.

Discover dozens of possibilities offered by B612 and enjoy this great app.

Do you want to take a picture without anyone noticing it? Use the muffler and take your best shots quietly.

Download the app and be part of thousands of people who already have tried it!

Start now and live with B612 an unparalleled experience.

Download here!


Instagram, capturing and sharing the world’s moments


Instagram, the easier app to share  your time with people around the world

Share your best moments and have fun with Instagram!

The most practical and easy application for sharing photos and videos with all your friends. Available for iPhone and Android.

Take a picture or video, choose a filter to transform its look and then post it to Instagram. It’s that easy!  Filters are the best part of application: You have a list of photographic filters that you can apply to your images and transform them into works of art!

An interesting feature of Instagram is giving a square shape to photos, imitating the Polaroid. You’ll love it!

You can also share photos on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks,  follow people you admire and send messages and photos privately with your friends.

More than 300 million people use it. Share your photos and videos with Instagram, a new way of seeing the world.

Download and install here.

Snapchat, share your funny pictures


Snapchat, the fast and fun conversation

Snapchat, the funniest platform to share moments with friends.

Search the white and yellow  ghost on google play and create an account. It’s easy and fast and is available for iPhone and Android, both free.

You can take pictures and videos, add a text and send them to your friends quickly. They are called “snaps”.  They’ll view it, laugh and then the Snap disappears from the screen, leaving no trace, unless your friend take a screenshot.  In this case, the application notifies you so you know who saved what you sent.

Snapchat notifies you when your friends are online and you can chat with them . If both friends are online, the conversation is more fun.

The latest update to Snapchat is Discover. It let users to see content from brands like MTV, CNN, National Geographic and others. There you will find the latest fashion news, videos, photos and all the information about your favorite celebrities.

Download it here and enjoy this visual and fun app!