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YouNow: the best app to stream live music!


Increase your audience, at the same time you meet new people and share your favorite videos live. YouNow has everything you need to make entertainment last and, why not, turn your videos into a real success!

By pressing the “Now” button you will start the transmission thus gaining followers on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Meet new friends and have fun like never before!

Do you want to promote yourself as a singer or show your skills as a dancer? This is your chance! Promote yourself and make social networks break out!

Share with your friends and loved ones fun live broadcasts while you interact with them.

You can follow your favorite broadcasters seeing them each time they have live appearances! YouNow will keep you updated when this happens.

Through the profiles of your friends you can stay connected with them, chat and have a great time together while they are not live.

YouNow is definitely the app you were waiting for!

You can download it for free from your Google Play Store.

Don´t wait any longer and start interacting with your friends and followers NOW!, you’ll love it!

Download YouNow here!

Piano Tiles 2: an entertaining game that will allow you to play the piano while competing with your friends!

PIANO TILES 2After the success of Piano Tiles, there comes Piano Tiles 2, in order to enjoy the best musical game you have never known!

Compete globally with your friends and show them how good you are playing piano. Its insuperable quality sound makes it one of the most exciting games of all times!

Play with a modern and simple interface, touch the correct note and compose incredible melodies. Feel the magic of the piano, with sounds that will delight your ears. Have fun and compete worldwide with participants of the whole world.

Combined multi colors in its interface will charm you!

Perform music and share it with your friends and loved one in social networks. They´ll be surprised to see how good you are at playing piano!

To play, you just have to tap the black key and that way manage the perfect melody.

.Add score and win the first place. Overcome your own speed every time!

Train your fingers to tap faster!, overcome the different levels and demonstrate that you are capable of completing each one of them no matter how difficult they are.

Piano Tiles 2 has caused sensation between its users and already has been downloaded by millions of people around the world.

Play at being the best pianist and download this free game through Google Play!

Download Piano Tiles 2 here!

Baby Sleep Instant: Give your baby his best hours of sleep.


Does your baby has difficulty in sleeping? Does he cry and you don’t know which is the reason? One of the reasons why your baby may be crying incessantly is because he is tired but cannot fall asleep by himself. If you see that your baby is supplied, with the diaper changed and that you are playing with him, it is time to put into practice this super app that will make your baby immerse into a deep and pleasant dream.

Baby Sleep Instant is a caress for your baby, different melodies will make him feel safe and at peace. You can record your own cradle song and you´ll see that when he´ll listen to your voice he´ll feel quiet … mom is near … Choose among the different sounds that include: heart beat, washing machine, hair dryer, music boxes, shower and many more. These sounds will be a caress in the soul for your baby and he´ll sleep peacefully.

Leave the mobile device near your baby and schedule a specific time to begin and end the music. It is advisable that the cell is in airplane mode to avoid another type of sounds. You’ll be calm and happy seeing how your baby enjoys it. Give your child what he deserves, make him feel confident and secure. Download this app to assure a deep sleep to that little person you love so much.

Download it free from the Google Play Store and experience a new way of pleasing your child.

Download Baby Sleep Instant here!

Real Drum: play drums like a pro and awaken the musician in you.


Download Real Drum, a free application you can enjoy on your Android at all times.

Transform your phone screen into a drum kit, which will sound so real it will surprise you.

Use your fingertips and tap the screen. It will sound like a real drum!

A fun and easy game that will kill your hours of boredom and entertain you composing music.

If you always liked playing this instrument you now have the opportunity to learn with Real Drum. It does not occupy space and is not noisy.

60 lessons and tutorials are available for you so you can learn to play drums like a pro.

Learn playing!

Search for live music and tracks and use 24 songs available in this app. Find music from your library and accompany it with the rhythm of your battery.

Enjoy the recorded sounds as if you were in an audio studio!

Excellent quality sound.

Acoustic drum samples.

You can add percussion instruments to change the sound of your battery and make it even more dynamic and fun.

Prepare your battery as you wish and make it sound really spectacular!

Real Drum has the best features were you can find : multi-mode, 23 different drum sounds, audio quality, full drum kit and recording, among others!

Go ahead and get this app from Google Play Store.

Whether you’re professional or amateur, this application will simply fascinate you!

Download it here!

Playkids-videos and games! The best way to learn by playing.


With Playkids your little one will have hours of fun guaranteed learning from the best educational games of all times!

Through his Android he can enjoy characters like Barney, Angelina Ballerina and many more!

Designed for children of all ages.

He can watch his idols without being connected to the Internet, download in favorites the videos he likes most and play them anytime and anywhere.

Playkids really cares about children and has thought in the appropriate characters based on each age.

Many colors, fun and a simple friendly interface is available for them!

Apply the continuous play mode so your child can spend hours enjoying the best videos without the need of pressing any buttons.

Coloring books, a magic piano playing his favorit songs and a trunk full of activities, are, among other things, some of the surprises that Playkids has for your kid.

With just one subscription you will have access to this application on all your devices.

With Playkids you’ll have unlimited access to all its content for just $ 9.99 per month. You also have other very accesible options if you want to purchase it for 3 months or a year !.

Subscribe to this premium service and give your little one a smile!

Download now!

Simple Radio Streema. Listen to your favorite music anywhere, anytime.


Now you can access all the music in the simplest way through your AM / FM favorite radios using Simple Radio Streema.

Enjoy over 25,000 stations through your mobile device and find yourself in a world of music at your disposal.
Explore stations around the world. Listen to the best music anywhere and anytime.
Simple Radio combines the benefits of online music
with the oldest radio tuners.
It is
a very easy app to download but it is also very simple to use.

Streema wants you to live a unique experience by listening to the radio not only on the website but also on mobile devices.
Listen to your favorite songs instantly through its simple interface.
Access your favorites in one step and very quickly.
With a single click
have at your disposal your favorite stations so you can start enjoying all the music from anywhere without interruption!
Join the more than 5 million radio listeners
who already tried Streema and are enjoying the benefits Simple Radio has for them!
Go ahead and download this free app from your Google Play Store right now, quality and excellence in sound
will surprise you!

Download here!


Spotify: a world of music at your disposal.


If you love music and bands, an application that revolutionized the virtual world has arrived.

Spotify is definitely the application you were waiting for! And best of all, you can download it free on your phone.
Listen to all the
music you want, wherever you are, Your favorite artists are gathered in one place to give you all the entertainment you were expecting.
The best top bands and soloists will provide you together with Spotify all those hits you like so much.
Choose your favorite songs and gather them in one place to re-listen
them whenever you want.
Share with your friends
your music. Follow other users and favorite artists!
Listen to the most played songs on your network simply by entering the charts to learn the
ones that are becoming popular among people you follow.
Choose the best radio stations to listen to your music with dozens of different genres:
Black Metal
Club / House
And many more!
With Spotify you have access to a world of music without limits!

Discover new music recommendations.
Create playlists with your favorite
music and listen to them wherever you go.
Select the song you want, or try the random mode, you will be surprised!
Also you have the option of acquiring Spotify Premium!
No matter if you have a computer, a tablet or if you prefer to use your mobile device, you can listen to
your music anywhere.
The best of all is that you can use this app
without being connected!
The best sound quality available in this version
Music without interruption and without ads!
You can end your membership anytime.
Spotify gives you everything you need to make your day the best in the company of great artists and listening to the music you always liked.
it with you everywhere, your music will accompany you forever!
Download this app using your Android in Google Play Store.
It is very easy to download and takes only a few seconds to be installed.
This is your time to meet your favorite artists, begin to enjoy now!

TuneIn Radio: the best radio stations in the world gather in one application for FREE on your Mobile.


Are you  an amateur radio, far more than any other media? Do you like listening to music, news or entertainment programs? Imagine if you also had the chance to listen to any radio throughout the world, informing about new trends, new musical styles and news of the moment! 

Now with TuneIn Radio this is possible because from your mobile device you can tune the most important radios worldwide 24/7!

TuneIn Radio is the most complete application available free on your cell.

It emerged a few years ago as a website where users could listen to thousands of online radios, then with the advance of technology it was adapted to the people´s need to reach mobile devices and today we can download for free this application from Google Play Store, available in almost all platforms.

You have two options of  TuneIn Radio app, the first  one is free and you can tune more than 50,000 stations worldwide. You can choose them by gender, type or geographical ubication.

The second version is only available for Android, iOS and Blackbery devices, and TuneIn Radio Pro is the version which is paid.
With this application you can record the contents you listen without missing anything that you really care.

With TuneIn Radio you can use the car mode which means that lets you manipulate the program in a much easier way when driving. You can choose whether if you prefer this application to be used via Wifi or if instead to download it via data through your phone plan. Tip: Wifi is always preferable to use so it is not deducted directly from your mobile.

With TuneIn Radio you can have at your disposal all the music, information, and news of the world! Be in tune with thousands of daily programs and choose to listen the best radio stations ever.

We can program the playback stations at certain times to remember to listen to a particular program or we can use this app as an alarm clock!

Pause live  playback up to 30 minutes, add stations to your favorites, or find new stations with keywords to help you enjoy the best programs.

With TuneIn Radio your passion for radio will grow even wider!

Download it now FREE from your phone through Google Play Store and start living the true spirit of music.

With Magic Piano you can now show your skills as a musician in a very fun and easy way!


If you always wanted to play the piano and outstand in the world of music, Magic Piano gives you the opportunity to demostrate your skills as an artist and highlight your best qualities.

Magic Piano is a musical game were you can interpret those songs you´ve always wanted, you can play music from artists like Lady Gaga or Chopin, besides a large list of songs at your disposal!

You don´t need to be an expert to play Magic Piano as it consists of pressing the light beams that fall from the top of the screen. You should control the notes, the rythm and time. If we miss we won´t lose, we´ll only notice the song a little bit out of tune but we can continue with playing.

We will be awarded from 0 -3 stars depending to the score we had when we completed the songs. Also once completed we can classify them according to the different criteria.

We´ll have the chance to interpret melodies freely in our piano highlighting our creativity and imagination.

With Magic Piano we can have fun with our friends, share and invent music, relax or enjoy a nice melody.

Try with Mozart or Bruno Mars songs! Play the most famous melodies easily with this Free game available in your Android!

Get the most complete song catalog and join more than 13 million players in Magic Piano that, like you, are experimenting the fun of playing piano.

You wont need teachers or lessons,  you yourself can excel in each melody.

Magic Piano has been highlighted by magazines such as New York Times and Time as and outstanding app. You can turn yourself into a piano expert and you will be part of the millions of people who already downloaded this app.

Share with your Facebook friends and other social media your best performances.

Each week thousands of new songs are added so don´t forget to check the catalog and chose your favourites!

Actually you can find every music style so that songs suite your tastes: Pop , Rock, Classic, soundtracks and music bands.

Dozens of songs like : Call me maybe, Moves like Jagger, Boyfriend, The Final Countdown, How to save a life, Ode to joy and a Whole new world, are waitong for you!

Download now this free app. from your Android and let your musician habilities shine!

Are you a big fan of music and tv programs? Then you should download Shazam!


If you appreciate good music and you love tv programas, you can´t miss this app in your Android. Shazam is an app that will lead you through a unic path of music and television.
This app identifies the title of any song in seconds as it gives you details of what you are watching.
When you touch the screen over whatever you want to listen to, you´ll be able to listen fragments and buy songs in sites like Amazon or Google Play.
Share your discoveries in social media , watch videos in YouTube, add the list of songs you prefer to Rdi, and follow other users´ recommendations.
You´ll also have the chance to listen to your favourite songs from Spotify, Rdio or Deezer.
Keep updated with Shazam knowing the latest news, recent albums of your favourite artists and buying concert tickets.
With Shazam all these is possible!
Shazam is free and easy to download. Do it from the aGoogle play Store app, it will last only a few seconds, you´ll see how fun it is to use Shazam!
If you are analizing a song, Shazam will show in your display the artist data, album, title, gender, record label and also a miniature image of the album cover, giving you a detailed description of what you are listening.
At the same time Shazam recognizes series and T.V programs.
In January 2011, Shazam reached the fourth position in the free most downloaded app. and in 2012 its service reached the number of 5 billion songs and tv programs and reached 250 million users around the world , a really amazing number.
Shazam has become one of the most outstanding and suucesful app of all times. Its popularity has driven its users to prefer it and to enjoy millions of songs in their movil device.
Download this app 100% free and you´ll see how becoming part of Shazam´s community is a real advantage!