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Google Photos: the best application for your photos and videos. Free for Android.


If you love photography and want your files to be organized, you have to download Google Photos, an application that will simplify your life apart of making your pictures and videos look amazing.

With Google Photos you can keep your most beloved pictures organized and find them easily.

Sort them according to the people, places or objects in them.

The grouping face function is only available in some countries.

Google Photos counts with a backup where your videos and photos will automatically be stored in a safe place and you can access them from any mobile device.

What kind of storage you prefer?

The Cloud: stores copies of high quality, free. Also its storage is unlimited.

15GB: saves free copies in its original size.

With this app., you can delete pictures and videos that are taking up space on your phone, without risk of losing them.

Save space with Google Photos!

Let your pictures come to life creating films, animations, photo collage and everything you can imagine.

To make your photos look really spectacular, use the editing tools. Adjust its size, color, filters, etc. Make your images look as true works of art.

Share your photos and videos with friends, or upload them to social networks.

Start enjoying now this super free tool that only Google Play can offer you.

Thousands of people have already tried it!

Download Google Photos here!

MYCLOUD: make your trip unforgettable.


With Mycloud you can make your trip an unforgettable experience. Search for hotels, eat at delicious restaurants, transform your photographs into unique memories and cherish unforgettable moments.
ycloud will make you live magical moments as it will help you remember exactly where
you´ve been and in which place your pictures where taken. How? Creating travel routes and showing you the route on a map.
You can choose to publish your favorite pictures and write your personal experiences.
Revive as
you never imagined before that unique trip!
Share with your friends and loved ones that unforgettable experience
with details only Mycloud can provide you.
Plan your trips the best way. Dream big and
get inspired with those places you´ve always dreamed of.
Now the application looks better than ever!
Find the best hotels at incredible prices
and choose exquisite restaurants in your area . Start planning your trip!.
Sign in or register to begin in M
Look for places near your location or use the maps that will be of great help!
Uses exclusive content and buy
lists for a truly VIP app.
Connect to M
ycloud and make it your best travel companion!

Download Mycloud now!


Join wiMAN community and access wireless networks more easily


With wiman´s community you can share your experience about the use of Wify around the world, giving opinions and studying its speed.
can unlock your own networks, so that others can connect more easily and this way create the biggest community of wiMAN users.
Wiman has a database of over 20 million hot spots
and has been recognized by Google as one of the best applications of 2015, among other awards.
Enjoy the benefits Wiman has for you!
You can use the best wireless network in your area, browse faster, connect to free W
ifi networks around the world and also to all those who share Wiman users.
It is very easy to use and it’s free!
Share your Wifi
safely with Wiman´s community. You can also can block your network at any time if you wish so.
Download and save Wifi maps to know the exact location. It´s not necessary to be to connected to the internet.
You can also use wiMAN as a router.
With the speed test you’ll discover
how many networks really work.
With wiMAN, connecting to Wifi has never been so easy. Millions of users are willing to share their networks for free.

You too can be part of this wonderful community!

Download it here!

We Heart It: enjoy and get inspired with the best pictures every day of your life.


Millions of people around the world have been inspired to create images that will surely, at some point in their lives, have made them feel special.

Thousands of beautiful images are at your disposal so that not only can feel identified with them but also share them, discuss them and save them as favorites.
With We Heart It you’ll find the image that goes with your style, save quotes, phrases and stay updated through images, with the latest developments, trends and news around the world.
No matter what your interest
is, with We Heart It you´ll surely find the topic that you like and will fully enjoy the thousands of images available for you.
Upload and share your own favorite photos! Let the world know your art.
With this application you can view images and videos in excellent quality.
Enjoy and appreciate vivid colors or black and white and vintage styles.
There are so many images available that definitely you will find everything that you need. Just search for them and find them!
Save all your favorite images
and keep them neat and tidy. You can use them whenever you want.
Share your content with your friends on social networks.
For sure they´ll love it!.
Save your favorite images for topics according to your interest.
Join now the community of We Heart It. Millions of people are already connected to each other!

Download it here!








ICQ- Free calls & free video chat for Android.


Never miss a thing and stay in touch with everyone with this super complete application that lets you video chat, make free callssend amazing stickers and messages at no cost!
With ICQ you can do this and more!
Get to know all the latest news,  events and always be at the forefront of what is happening.
With its unique video chat you can always be in touch with family and friends anywhere anytime!
Feel closer to your loved ones by saving distances.
Experience the true thrill of being able to communicate without being aware of the rates and time!
With ICQ
make all the free calls you want to other users who also use ICQ no matter where in the world they are.
Send many messages at no cost in a free chat, using fun emoticons and give color to your chats!
Create a group chat with many participants, the more they are, more fun! Share your experiences with friends.
Your moods can
be shared through cute emoticons, smileys expressing if you’re sad, happy, excited etc! Put excitement to your chats and use every resource that ICQ has for you.
Send photos, files, and
anything you want for free.
Keep your private chats and messages using a PIN that will protect all your data. This way you can use the application securely.
This system
will also protect your pictures and videos.
Download now this super free application and
be part of the great community of ICQ!

Download ICQ now!


Pocket: your content safely saved. Free for Android.


Pocket, one of the best applications for Android is available so you can easily keep all the items you want and view them later.

Trust a secure application that will keep all your information tidy and will let you access it whenever you want without being connected to the internet.

Access from any device and avoid losing what you really care about.

Pocket is convenient and secure.

Videos, web pages, emails, photos and more may be saved in this application in a safe and orderly manner so that nothing of what really interests you is missed.

Each page has an easily readable system. Its modern and simple interface will provide the best access to your data.

Reduce consumption data and configure Pocket by accessing to downloads only through wifi.

You can send all your content to another friend who also use Pocket or upload it to social networks such as Facebook, or email.

With Pocket Highlight, your content will be highlighted according to its relevance.

You can also download Pocket Premium, which will give you access to a library you can use for all items and data you save.

Search for a complete text, search by subject or by a particular author to organize your list. Keep your info neat and tidy!

Pocket also saves the links you want.

Organize your life with the best application of all times, which already has over 12 million users worldwide.

With Pocket make your life simpler!

Download Pocket here!

Hi Launcher: the small but powerful application that will optimize your Android to the fullest.

hola launcher

Hi Launcher is an excellent and effective application to accelerate your mobile device very easily and quickly.
It has only 2MB of memory, i
s small but powerful and will look very elegant in your inbox.
Do not feel frustrated because your Android works slowly, from now on you can optimize all your downloads and enjoy the benefits Hi Launcher has for you!
It’s just perfect!
It will provide you with the best themes, wallpapers and the best elements to personalize your mobile device.


With Hi Shine you can slide your finger across the screen so a circular menu opens. This way you´ll be able to use the most frequent apps and the adjust menus.

Hi Boost speeds up your Android freeing up RAM in just one step!

Protect your privacy with Hello Box hiding the applications you do not want to be shown in your inbox and at the same time access them.

If you slide down your finger on the screen of your Android you can find very quickly, contacts, applications or web pages. Also try with voice search.

You can install the best themes and wallpapers with the best quality, absolutely free!
Each week they are renewed!

Intercept all the apps you do not want to be shown in your home screen and keep them in order.

With the notification system you´ll be able to read all your important messages without losing sight as you can access a unique icon on your home screen.

Extend your battery´s life blocking your Android easily.

Find out how the weather would be like during the week with this sensational benefit of Hi Launcher.

Give priority to the applications placing them on your home screen and making them open faster.

Place the apps in folders by categories to make them easier to find and let your inbox look great.

Go ahead and Join the more than a million people who already have downloaded this application. It will surprise you!

 Download here!

Yahoo! your daily source of personalized news, free on your phone!


Yahoo, the app to be informed all the time

Yahoo! the application to stay up to date with the breaking news, free on your phone!

The Yahoo app for android, iphone and tablets brings you the latest headline news, stories and original content. This app gives you the latest news in one place with 12 categories including politics, sports, finance, business, art, technology, cinema, cars and much more.

Get the news and stories you like, summarized by Yahoo. Yahoo makes a summary for you and you can read it before you open the entire article. Receive pictures and videos that illustrate each story. You can also adjust your text size (small, medium and large) to read the news comfortably.

In Yahoo Women,  you’ll find beauty and fashion news, tips, recipes and many issues related to love, sex, health and family.

You can also enjoy popular games and go to a Website where you can ask questions and receive answers on a variety of topics.

Download this app to be informed all the time!

Enjoy this new experience. Everything it’s on the Yahoo app!

Get the application here!

TripAdvisor, the best application for travelers


TrypAdvisor, the best information to plan the perfect  trip

Download and install TripAdvisor on your phone to have access to the world’s largest travel network. Millions of traveler reviews, pictures, videos, maps and opinions to plan and book your perfect trip!

This app offers the latest and most relevant information about a range of destinations across the world. It is a free and very easy to use.

With one click you access to all offers and you can book airplanes, hotels and restaurants. TripAdvisor also includes a Forums section, where you can post questions and exchange tips and information with a particular place with others users.

Download maps, reviews, tips and everything you need to know before and during your trip! You can use the TripAdvisor to search for a specific location or set it to look for places in the immediate area around you.

TripAdvisor, a world of travel information, free on your phone! Download here!

ZERO: transform your Android in your best cellphone ever!


How do you see yourself with a cellphone were you´ll be able to constantly change the wallpapers and make it look really outstanding?

Now with Zero you have the choice of using 3D images and original top wallpapers and more!
Its effects are unmatched and it takes only 0.2 seconds to transform the image!
Unique effects. Excellent picture
and quality that you will love.
Spectacular image Launcher and backgrounds screen.
With Zero you have
fun guaranteed as it features dozens of unique backgrounds so you can choose the one you like and alternate it whenever you want.
The best quality is available
for you, FREE !, go ahead and transform your phone as you like.
With Zero you will have a 1 Mega pack so you can enjoy sophisticated 3D effects.
This small pitcher is more popular than any other you may have. Show to your friends the wallpapers and themes of your choice and you’ll see how they´ll  love them.
Your phone will never
look more authentic and fun!
You can have high quality items
which you can enjoy at anytime.
Are you bored of the same theme? Choose any theme available and in less than a second you’ll have it downloaded.
Wallpapers &
3D icons
Various designs very easy to use.
After testing with Zero, your phone will never look the same.
Hundreds of fun and colorful pictures for you.
are you waiting for? Download Zero now and enjoy the design of the phone you´ve always dreamed of.
Best wallpapers, icons and images are waiting for you.
Download now Zero, the free app from Google Play Store and turn your mobile device into the envy of
all your friends!