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Tinder: the # 1 app of all times that allows you to connect with people in your area.


Locate those in your area, check the person you like or simply indicate “omit” anonymously.

If the two of you match and like each other, Tinder will introduce you and you´ll be able to chat within the app.

This system has revolutionized the way we communicate as more and more users choose Tinder to find the love of their life or just make new friends.

You can act as “Cupid” in Tinder, connect your friends with each other so they can chat without having to share their personal information.

Tinder is a safe app. that recognizes your location via GPS on your mobile device.

It also prevents fraud since it connects directly to Facebook, thus preventing you invent fake profiles.

Go ahead and enjoy this super app to meet people locally!

Begin to make better friends or find the love of your life with just one click!

Tinder is free and you can get it from Google Play Store. Download it now and change your life!

Download it here!

Tumblr: the most complete and fun way to communicate.


If you like fun and to be constantly discovering content you cannot miss this free app you’ll love!

Tumblr has everything you need to make your days more entertaining!

Join the Tumblr community and share the most interesting content, enjoy what users publish and give room for fun.

Everything you can imagine is now available in this super app., from pictures, GIF’s, audios, videos and much more!

Be passionate about what you do and create your most original content.

All your favorite artists are here and you can follow them as a true fan!

Musicians, actors, comedians, designers and the most interesting characters you know you will find them on Tumblr.

Discover content in various ways, explore the universe of Tumblr and surprise yourself with what you’ll find!

From your own blog find the most fascinating contents, repost incredible posts from other users or create your own,

Add comments to posts that you like and allow others to also comment yours, know people in the Tumblr world!

Make new friends and enjoy this free app. that guarantees you hours of fun.

Send private messages to the blogs you follow and get in touch with a unique community.

Show your personality according to your mood !, change the colors of your text, add Gif’s or add a fun profile picture that can also be animated!

What are you waiting for? Download Tumblr now for free from Google Play Store and get ready to live magical moments!

Tumblr makes it possible.

Download it here!

YouCam makeup: enhances your beauty instantly!


YouCam Makeup-Beauty Salon, is your portable room makeup!

Now you can apply your make-up instantly by testing the perfect combinations of lips, shadows, masks, foundations and much more. Use your makeup differently each day, depending on your mood, clothing or occasion.

You can try dozens of different looks that matches your style and personality. You no longer need makeup to take a picture, YouCam Makeup does it for you!

Use the Cosmetic-Cam to take pictures in real time, with just one click you will achieve a unique effect. You can achieve the ideal style for each event testing the combination of hundreds of colors.

Get a supple and perfect skin with the incredible effects available. Change your eye color, whiten your teeth and cover dark circles and blemishes.

You will look like a princess!

Let your selfies look really unique! Share what you like most about beauty, exploring the latest in fashion.

Get inspired following experts in the industry publishing pictures that will surprise you. Tag the products you use and publish photos on your profile to share your style. Get yourself a perfect face a luminous skin and without defects!

By simply pressing a button, you can adjust the changes immediately.

Create a natural look or use more makeup depending on the occasion.

Make your skin look more or less tanned according to the season.

Restore your skin to an ideal style.

Improve your nose to get perfect factions.

Sharpen up your face and look more thinner.

Put style to your eyebrows, give brightness to your eyes or give volume and lengthen your lashes.

This app is truly magical!

And there is more!

Hundreds of colors of shades for your eyes, different types of glosses for your lips to look fleshier.

Use different styles of eyeliners for an incredible look.

Change your hair color and hair styles.

Test different and great styles.

Get the best tips of professional stylists at your disposal!

YouCam makeup will make you shine with your look as it gives you all the necessary tools to turn you into a true star!

Become the envy of all your friends.

Upload photos with an unmatched production and feel more beautiful than ever!

Your best style, wherever you go.

¡YouCam Makeup-Beauty Salon  gives you the solution!

Download YouCam Makeup-Beauty Salon here, from Google Play Store.

Imo video and messaging: the funniest way of communicating with your friends!




Now communicating is much easier and more fun. Send messages to your friends for free and make calls at no cost!

With imo you´ll avoid charges on your mobile device when sending SMS and doing unlimited calls. Enjoy a unique app that gives you the possibility of keeping permanently in touch with your loved ones. Excellent quality video and voice calls to optimize your conversations.

Create chat groups with whom most matters to you: family, friends, work colleagues or whomever you choose. Share files, pictures, music and free videos. Use fun emoticons to describe your moods! Send messages from anywhere 24 hours a day! Confirm in real-time the delivery of your messages.

Discover a new way of communicating and connect with millions of users around the world! Imo video calls and messaging, is without doubt the app you’ve where waiting for!

Download it here!

Mobills Personal Finance: Your personal finance manager, free for your mobile device!

Finanzas Personales Mobills

The app that will simplify your life, arrived! Mobills Personal Finance will, from now on be your trusted application because it will help you to carry out the accounting of your home and in your personal life very effectively.
You no longer need to worry because you do not know how you spent your money, this app. will do everything for you and will serve as CFO breaking down each of your expenses.
Classify your income and expenses in graphs and reports to analyze your financial life.
Organize and plan your daily expenditures having a useful and effective tool at the same time.
Take your accounts from your Android everywhere and use this simple system that will give you peace of mind.
Organize your financial life and manage your expenses as you always wanted.
Control credit cards and monthly expenses.
No need to be an expert in finance. Personal Finance Mobills is easy to use and will give you accurate information.
Record all your daily expenses.
Analyze your expenses through effective interactive graphics.
Synchronizes in the cloud.
Browse through the toolbox and quickly record expenditure.
Use the different categories.
Set goals and plan budgets.
Get alerts to your email accounts of what you must pay.
Keep track of your credit cards.
Attach information you have about your bills, and more.
Use the overflow option to see how to handle your budget.
Mobills Personal Finance, is undoubtedly the best choice to manage your finances.

Get it here for free from Google Play!

Square Quick: Transform your photos with the best image editor!


Would you like to make your images look unique and have everyone saying something good about them?

If you love photography, try Square Quick, the only editor app that will transform your pictures into real works of art.

Show off as if you are a true professional. Your signature will appear in the corner of each of the photos!

Easy to use, professional and simple, a single application that will motivate you to continue adding pictures to your albums.

Millions of people are using Quick Square and are 100% satisfied!

Ideal for teenagers who want to change their image with original and unique touches.

Have fun editing your pictures. Post them on social networks and let everyone talk about you!

Select different designs as backgrounds, you can even use a photograph of yourself and adjust its sharpness.

Surprise everyone with your pictures and add lighting effects to give a different touch.

Dress up your photo with fun emoticons and add your personal style.

You have dozens of them to choose from.

Build your image according to your mood and select the settings you like.

Tag your pictures with various reminders and also add your own signature!

Do not try hard to make your pictures look professional! Quick Square makes everything easier for you! 

Download this free application, here!

PHOTO EDITOR: your most beautiful pictures with this complete application for your mobile device.

foto editor

If you like your pictures to look really spectacular, yet professional, Photo Editor is the perfect application to edit your images like if you were a real expert.

A simple and advanced system that will allow you create images like you never imagined before with a lot of tools that you can use at all times.

Use unique effects, stickers and edit your photos as you want.

Want to frame that special moment?

Photo Editor provides a wide variety of frames for you to remember those unique moments enhancing your photograph.

Remove or add shine, use weak or strong colors, black and white to give a different touch or sepia to make it look old.

Dozens of effects are at your disposal.

Cut, rotate or straighten the image according to your preference.

Adjust the brightness and saturation color.

Focuse or blur the image.

Fun stickers will give your photos a twist. Choose the ones you like most and share them with your friends.

Do you like drawing? Do it! But do not forget to add text.

With Photo Editor you can learn the most incredible tricks for your pictures and make them look beautiful.

Test all its tools and be surprised with everything that you´ll able to achieve.

Download it for free from Google Play and turn into the photographer you´ve always dreamed of.

Download this application here!

KiwiCamera: your pictures more professional and beautiful with the best photo app.


Now you can improve your photos with instant filters with more than 10 different themes.
Use your albums and appl
y all the filters you want adjusting them according to your preference.
Would you like to make your skin look like silk?
Get your best selfie with unique effects that will make you
look as ever!
Different effects and colors
will make your landscape images look really beautiful.
Your memories will come to life with vintage effects, black and white and other light effects
which you can apply according to your liking.
A camera like no other!.
Take pictures like a pro
even if you know little about photography!
With KiwiCamera you’ll look like ever since you can use the focus, zoom, timer, flash and many more features!
More than 50 collage designs to create your own style. Thirty-six different basic designs collage that you can combine
with multiple photos on a single framed photograph.
Decorate your images and give them a special touch by using stickers and frames that
will make them look really special.
Edit your p
ictures to make them look really the way you want. Crop, rotate, adjust and use bullets and inscriptions on them.
your favorite pictures and albums with your friends on social networks.
Make wonders with
your images as KiwiCamera allows you!
Prove you’re a real expert in photography and post your most beautiful photos.
Find them easily in your last albums.
Download Free KiwiCamera and fall in love more than ever with the photography world!

AlarmMon, the clock that brightens up your mornings!


Meet AlarmMon, the clock which already has over 21 million users worldwide!

We know that sometimes when we need to wake up early we don´t always do it in a good way, as we prefer to continue sleeping and that’s when our alarm clock becomes a kind of enemy which bothers us each morning.

Now with AlarmMon you can wake up the best way since this app serves to brighten your morning.

Do you have difficulties in waking up early? With AlarmMon its simpler as it is the only alarm clock that rewards you for waking up in time!

Start your day with fun games and get rewards.

Choose the animal that will be responsible for waking you up and help him from falling, waking up in time! 

In Addition, each time you do so you´ll score points and awards that will surprise you!

You will be responsible in saving its life if you do not wake up in time, so, through a fun game That will begin as soon as the alarm sounds, you’ll be motivated to wake up scoring points and winning prices.

Enjoy the different alarm melodies that AlarmMon has for you. You´ll never get bored of its alarms as you can choose from dozens of them.

Share your alarm history and results.

AlarmMon rewards you for waking up in time!

Enjoy other features incorporated in this app, as the timer, weather and news of the day.

Transform your boring Monday into a morning full of fun!

AlarmMon Makes it possible!

Its simple but modern and colorful interface will fascinate you and at the same time it will give your Android that special touch.

Use this application as if it were a game, with rewards points and prizes.

Staying asleep is no longer an option!

Download HERE AlarmMon free from Google Play Store and put color to your mornings!

Personal Trainer: workouts! Achieve a perfect body with this free application for Android.


Would you like to have a perfect body?, exercising and increasing your energy while you look better every day?
With Personal Trainer for Skimble you can work out
 anywhere you choose with customized training through audio.
Imagine having your own personal trainer, FREE!
Jack and Sofia will guide you in your daily routines giving you tips on the best and most effective exercises to follow so that you achieve truly amazing results.
You can hear clear instructions
to reach your goals step by step.
Which part of your body would you like to work? legs, arms, belly, buttocks?
Choose your routine and manage your tasks.
Make exercise to lose weight, to tone your muscles or to gain greater flexibil
With Personal Trainer for Skimble you can achieve the body you always dreamed of!
Run, practice yoga, lift weights, exercise rock climbing or just focus on losing weight.
This application is the most complete you’ve ever known.
You can create your own workouts, perform timed exercises,
know your progress and rely on two fitness professionals that will transform your life.
With Personal Trainer you can exercise at your own pace or try to improve yourself every day.
Now you have no excuses! Personal Trainer will accompany you wherever you go!
Achieve the body you always dreamed of with this free application available for Android.
Start changing your life now!

Download it here!