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The best dictionary of all times is available on Google Play, completely free and without having to be connected to the internet! A complete app that also includes translator, audio pronunciation and English content.

With you’ll learn the best English, improving your communication skills and you’ll get all the necessary tools to succeed in any field. You don’t need internet connection, you can learn at any time and from anywhere! Get the job of your dreams or achieve good grades at the university. gives you the security and confidence you need in order to achieve your goals.

Over 2 million definitions, unlimited translations, not only in English but also iother 30 languages. Use the audio and learn how to pronounce the words correctly, you´ll be surprised to see how effective this tool is. Learn languages and speak as a true native. Without mistakes. With its effective spelling correction system, you’ll never go wrong when writing a word. You´ll know the words in their deepest contexts, knowing their origin and history.

Mark new words as favorites, and continue adding knowledge. also helps you understand the financial and medical vocabulary, as well as the different jargon, acronyms, and abbreviations. Open your mind to knowledge and become the professional you always wanted to. makes it possible!

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Tothink: Guess the word: A fun guessing game that you will not stop playing!


One of the best games of the moment available, to fill your evenings with fun.
Be part of this guessing game that will put your mind to work!
Enjoy a unique experience fraught with challenges
where guessing the words will become your main goal.
An addictive game you can not stop playing.
othink. Guess the word: has a design that you’ll love. Get packs of special coins for important benefits and get more support to be able to solve riddles faster.
Earn rewards and share your progress with your friends!
Exceed each of the levels, guessing the common element of the 4 pictures. Collect coins
so that exceeding levels is not so difficult.
You will never get bored as you have over 2800 levels to overcome!
Show how agile you are  mentally
 and test your intelligence.
Lead the table and compete with your friends to show you’re the best!
n´t know the answer?
Do not despair! And ask for help in social networks.
Play for free and use your c
Download now
Tothink: Guess the word, from Google Play Store and get ready to win.

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Logo Quiz: exercise your mind and guess the logos! Free for Android.


If you like challenges and think you can solve the questions, you’ll have to download Logo Quiz, the application which already has over 40 million users! 

Put your brain and memory to work  and guess the logos of hundreds of companies and enterprises worldwide.

A free and fun game that will fill your days with entertainment.

In a world where brands and logos invade us daily, Logo Quiz challenges you to remember as much logos as possible and rewards you for it.

Beat each of the 16 levels and become the best player.

Are you able to guess all logos?

It’s time to put you to the test!

Over a thousand logos that will exercise your memory to the max.

A super addictive game you can not stop playing!

Playing is easy, you just have to guess the name of the logo, you’ll have four clues in each one of them, write down the word and if you succeed, you’ll automatically get new clues to unravel another riddle.

Download it without taking up space on your Android, so you can enjoy all the benefits this app. Has for you.

Challenge your friends and become the most talented player!

You will get the ranking of the best players, try to be among them!

Become a pro and play in the most difficult mode. You can!

Logo Quiz gives no place to boredom and is constantly being updated.

Compare your results with your friends and show them you are the best.

Do not stay out of a game that will surprise you.

Download it here from Google Play Store and put your mind to work!

STOP: entertainment and fun guaranteed! Free for Android.


Enjoy entertainment in one of the applications of the moment.

With Stop you will have hours of fun guaranteed.
Also known as Tutti Frutti you can download it for free from Google Play Store.
Start playing now and compete with your friends in a fight against time and skill
To begin you must choose a letter and write 5 words with the same letter in different categories.
Who wins?
The player who guesses the most
number of words in less time!
You wont want to quit playing
Stop. It’s easy and fun. We assure entertainment as you never had with any other game.
You have dozens of categories to choose from so
you will never be bored.
Invite your Facebook friends and compete with them. Show your skills as a player and be the first to say
STOP!. Do not get surprised.
Send different sounds, think fast and surprise them with
STOP, is available in three languages to add even more excitement to the game.
Download now this addictive game that will make you think a lot but quickly.
Become a difficult
player and show your opponent all your ability.
STOP will test your intelligence and mental agility!
Start now!

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ALPHABET SOUP: the classic game of all times Free in your Android


Have fun with this classic alphabet soup game, a fun way to spend your time while you enjoy your free hour , or while you wait for someone or just if you want to use your wit.

This application designed for Android is FREE and you can download it via Google Play Store. It is very easy and unloading it will take only a few seconds.

Download it now and get rid of boredom! Invite your friends and compete with them.

This super alphabet soup features 13 themes , these are:

Historical figures, Animals, Cities of the world Cities of Spain, World, English for children, names, brands, Elements, Astronomy, cartoon characters, Geography, Sports Professions.

At the same time there are three different difficulty levels: Easy, Medium and Difficult, chose which level you prefer when playing.

How to play the alphabet soup:

It´s very easy, as it consists in forming words horizontally, vertically and crosswise inside a grid with lots of single words. There are two play modes, in the first place you´ll have the list of words where the pending words to find will be shown and secondly you´ll have the number of the rest of the words that is the words you should find.

Then you have two methods : The self-generation method where we see the maximum number where the board is filled with the maximum number of words and the Limited method where the board is filled with a number of words proportional to its size.

Alphabet Soup is available in several languages​​: Catalan, Spanish, English, Italian, French and Portuguese so you have no excuse if you do not have this fun game downloaded on your phone.

Each word you find will be marked with a different color, you can compete against other players and show off your skills in this game!

Each time you play you will automatically calculate your score and it will be registered in the database to find out what position you are in relation to other players

If you cannot continue the game, don´t worry! Since this application allows you to stop the game and then resume it any time you want!

Start a new game or continue with the previous one.

Do not miss this fantastic app! Now you won´t need to use pen and paper to play alphabet soup as with your Android we guarantee you fun and the best of all FREE!