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94%: the game of questions and answers that tests your intelligence.

noventay cuatro

If you like challenges and games of thinking, this app will definitely delight you.

A game that challenges your intelligence and common sense, where you must correctly answer 94% of questions to get a good score and thus become one of the winners.

Questions such as: Which animals are born from an egg ?, Which is the first thing I do in the morning? Or expressions like “I could not live without …,” among many others, are just some of the mysteries proposed by this fun game in which with the 94% correct of the answers are already a winner!

Activate your brain and show you are able to answer correctly.
Compete with your friends to see who can get the highest score.
Topics, expressions and images are part of this entertaining game that will make you think a lot.

Imagine what other users wrote down and you´ll get the right answer. Easy and common sense questions that turns this original game into a challenge for yourself and will keep you entertained for hours.

How do I play?

It is very easy but you must also use your imagination to imagine what others think!

One of the words that appear in the game is chocolate. You should write down everything that comes to your mind with chocolate, every time it matches with what other people have written down a percentage will be added until it completes the 94%. Sometimes it takes some time to guess what other people have written down and you will want to solve it quickly.
At the same time, you have FREE wildcards that will help you solve the riddle:
The same will give
you the first letter followed by blank spaces and it also gives you some letters which matches the word. Think, choose the correct one and win!

With 94% you will be active and constantly thinking. An ideal app for those who love a challenging game.
Download it for free and get ready to win!

ASKED, the funniest app were you can learn by playing!


Do you want to demonstrate you are more intelligent than your friends? Now you can do it using the most famous game of questions and answers!

Asked is now in your Android so you can start to put into practice your abilities and intelligence and challenge everyone who knows you!

This incredible game consists of 6 different categories in which we find: Geography, Art and Literature, History, Science and Technology, Sports and Entertainment.

Spin the wheel and randomly you´ll have to answer in the above mentioned categories. You must respond correctly to one of the four answer choices.

You can get lucky and fall in a special box were you can chose the category you prefer and in which you feel more comfortable answering.
Asked is also a strategy game were you can invite your friends to a duel and challenge them! Confront them and win the first place!
Do you want more? Asked will help you answer correctly the most difficult questions with its four powerful Power Ups that will serve as jokers.
The design of Asked is fun and exquisite. Brilliant colors, fun music, comic characters and creative animations turns it into the app everybody wants to have!
More than 90.000 questions constantly updated are waiting for you so you start using your talent!
Besides its so fun you yourself will be able to create your own answers so other users can play and respond them.
It´s very addictive and ideal for spending time with friends. You will learn a lot!
Remember you only got 20 seconds to respond so answer quickly and challenge the clock!
Asked is available not only in Spanish for Latin america but in English. Shortly will cover other languages.
Millions are the users that already tried this app and each day more and more people downloads it!
With Asked you can make new friends, share your achievements, challenge your friends to a duel, use your wit and strategy and chat with your rivals during games!
Asked is FREE and easy to download. Do it straight from the Google Play Store App. Click download it wait just a few seconds.
You can also compete with your Facebook friends, ask lives and complete rounds. Chose a rival or let Asked do that randomly for you.
You´ve got 25 rounds to play. Asked is pure entertainment and fun!
What are you waiting to demonstrate you are #1 in all the subjects.? With this app you will not only learn a lot but also you´ll prove yourself and others all you know!