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Yahtzee: the classic game for the whole family, free for Android!


Be part of this game and become one of the millions of people worldwide who are enjoying Yahtzee.

A game thought for the whole family to entertain you for hours without interruption.

A board game brought to your mobile device for you to test your knowledge and get the highest score.

Shake the dices, throw them and score. Get ready to shout out Yahtzee!.

You can play games not only with friends and family but also with users worldwide!

Prove to everyone that you’re able to overcome them and win this exciting game.

Use your strategy for each game and do not let others beat you. Your opponents will want to prove they are more than you but use your intelligence get the best score.

Earn extra rolls, use custom dices and play smart.

Play against users “Dice with Buddies” and put the game even more interesting!

Download this addictive game available on Google Play Store, for free!

Millions of people around the world have already played Yahtzee and the number continues to grow.

Intelligence, cleverness and strategy are your best allies in this super game of Yahtzee!

Download Yahtzee here!

EA SPORTS UFC: the combat game that will put your adrenaline to the limit!


All your favorite UFC fighters joined in a game that will thrill you !. Choose the one you prefer, your maximum idol will play with you defeating his rivals!

Live games and shocking fighting in an application that will bring out the fighter in you giving you unique rewards.

With EA Sports UFC you’ll feel like you’re really fighting in the Octagon !. Enjoy the fantastic HD graphics that will make you live a real game.

Veterans and novice fans will enjoy these battles as never before in a thrilling dynamic full of action!.

Show how good fighter you are, choose from more than 70 top-level fighters and win the first place!

Marvel with the movements of the most famous fighters. Become the winner beating you enemies.

Build your legacy in the UFC, knocking enemies, unlocking opponents, winning more coins and acquiring skills.

EA SPORTS UFC allows you to be part of the fighting world making your dreams come true.

Increase your benefits beating levels and playing more. Play the best tournaments in live events and get great rewards.

Beat your opponents and hone your skills. The more you ascend in the game, the greatest achievements you´ll get.

You can play as many times as you want without a limit of lives !

At any time you can give battle and become the best fighter in the UFC.

Play with your friends and show off your skills. No one can beat you!

With EA Sports UFC your hours of fun are guaranteed.

Download this app free using your Google Play Store.

Get ready to win … NOW !

Download it here!

Bubble Witch 2 Saga: after Candy Crush´s success, arrived to your Android, this fascinating free game that will trap you!


If you are fan of Candy Crush Saga, you will love Bubble Witch 2 Saga without any doubt!

This free game will keep you entertained for hours and you will discover the maximum fun you could ever experience.

A bubbly magic from which you will not be able to escape so easily!

Help Stella and her cats chase the dark spirits that threaten their lands exploting as much  bubbles as you can traveling through her kingdom in an unparalleled adventure.

Explore the kingdom and get the maximum score.

Challenge your friends in this passionate odyssey and show them you are the best.. Enjoy the excellent design, graphics and vibrant colors that will leave you spellbound Go completing all levels and release the country of witches!

Over 60 levels that will ensure hours of fun!

Do not let Estela stay sad, make her happy with your achievements and scores!
Your friends will be amazed at how good you are beating levels, challenge them in this game that
will make you play for hours!
Take advantage of boosters and special bubbles that will give
you the necessary powers to overcome the most difficult levels.
Share your achievements in social networks and with your friends.
Compete with them and watch your score, dare to overcome
Dominate the country of witches, seems easy but it is not so
this is your time show the best of you and get the first place!
Test your skills as a player and become a winner.
Thousands of people
in the world already downloaded Bubble Witch 2 Saga from Google Play Store, you can not stay out!



Candy Crush Soda Saga, live this new experience full of color and fun in a fantasy world that will amuse you for hours!


If you’re a fan of Candy Crush Saga and you became an expert in the game, then you´ll love the new Candy Crush Soda!


Download free this app now and delight yourself with candies , colors and challenging combinations, teeming the purple soda.

Candy Crush creators have created this new and exquisite free app to give you hours of fun encouraging you to add further challenges to your goals.
While you can download this app for free remember that there are also elements like extra lives or mov
ements you must pay if you want to.
What are the characteristics of Candy Crush Soda Saga?
You can enjoy over 140 levels and you will have new game modes as
you exchange Soda bottles and candies to release the purple soda and thus rescue the gummy bears.
The ice cream candy combines icebreaker free gummy bears.
You must combine honey candies together to free gummy bears that are trapped.
You’ll also discover a new world full of delicious sweets and incredible combinations!
The fish gummy candy is created by combining
four sweets in a square and the fantastic Caramel, combining seven candies.

Characters outside series and juicy scenarios are waiting to be explored and new graphics that will leave you all day long anxious for eating candies without stopping!

Dare to challenge Soda Candy Crush Saga. Its easy to play but getting to beat each level will become increasingly difficult.
Share your achievements, scores and swap lives and gifts with your Facebook friends, there is a world of opportunit
ies for you.
Go online to unlock all game features and synchronize your game among all your mobile devices
Live a unique and magical experience By joining Kimmy in his delightful journey in search of Tiffi and exchange and combine caramels in your step.Open your appetite for fun and become the No. 1 player in Candy Crush Soda!
Play your goals and stand alone or play with friends in a unique challenging quest to prove you’re the best!
Go ahead and d
ownload now this free application from Google Play Store, live again this Candy Crush experience but with the new version of Candy Crush Soda !!!!
Sodalicious !!!

CANDY CRUSH SAGA: the Best App. of all Times!


Candy Crush Saga is without any doubt one of the most revolutionary games in the virtual market.
Developed by King in 2012, this app which has been created for PC´s and mobile devices such as Apple and Android counts with over 150 million unique users and 54 million people who plays it daily becoming the number 1 app for Google Play and Apple Store.
Also, Candy Crush has overtake games in Facebook such as Farm Ville 2, with almost 73 million “likes”.
It´s a highly addictive game that once you´ve downloaded on your mobile you wont be able to stop playing!

This game basically consists of joining groups of three candies of the same color and eliminating them.
We´ve got 5 lives and each time we beat a level we jump to another one which is a little bit more complicated.
Hundreds are the levels of Candy Crush, exceeding the number of 500 and it was thought for people who dare to play during hours showing their skills.

Once we´ve lost 5 lives we should wait half an hour until Candy Crush grants us another one, or ( and here is the secret of the success of Candy Crush) you can buy a life to immediately continue with the game, making Candy Crush generate millions of dollars a month.

There´s another way of getting lives in a quick and easy way: through Facebook.

Candy Crush is a free app but we can buy, if we want, lives and boosters which will help us get more practice in the game and make it easier.

To play Candy Crush we must exchange positions between two sweets to form a line of three of the same color. This will make them disappear making the candies above fall down.
Movements can only be made horizontally and vertically and the target consists of completing the level before we ran out of movements ( lives) or time, like its the case of timed levels.
If enough score is obtained we can achieve one of the three stars found in the scoring system.
With each level obstacles and difficulties grow, turning this game into a still much more entertaining and interesting app.

This app was perfectly designed with it´s sweets and colors causing a great eye impact in its users.
Because of this it becomes an addictive game and though it looks simple, it really traps you!
It will surprise you and in many cases you´ll spend hours trying to beat its levels!

You now know that if there exists a super addictive and entertaining game this is it!
Downloaded it for free through your Google Play Store.
Candy Crush Saga adds every day thousands of fans around the world, do not let yourself be left out!

Jenga Free, hours of fun guaranteed!


Who hasn´t heard about the classic game Jenga?
A skill game were you´ll have to put your brain to work and show your abilities to others.
It can be played starting by two players and you must remove blocks from a tower by turns and place them at the top of the it.
The key is to prevent the tower from falling cause if this happens you lose.
You play with 54 wooden blocks which are placed crosswise, they have to form a square when placed together until they form a tower of 18 hight levels.
Each player must remove a block from the bottom of the tower with only two fingers and place it at the superior part of it to make the tower grow.
Remember that who makes the tower fall down, loses.
It´s important to play in a smooth surface to keep the balance of the tower.
In your mobile device this game is very similar only that you won´t need a surface to play and you must play sliding your finger on the screen.
Take into account the following:
In the first place you must click a block with your finger to selecct it. Click again on the block and slide your finger to move it.
Select the block at the top and slide your finger down to place it. This is a simple game but it requires a lot of ability and mental concentration.
You can play alone or against an opponent.
This entertaining game is available FREE in your Android and you can download it and take it with you wherever you want!
Any time you want to have a good time , play Jenga!
How to download Jenga?:
It´s very easy!, look up for Jenga in the app of Google Play Store in your mobile device. Click Download and in just a few seconds the game will be ready for you to play!
Our free app of jenga assures hours of fun as it is ideal to play at any moment of the day!
Do not doubt in downloading this amazing game, it´s the ideal companion when you are waiting for someone or just when you feel bored.
It´s free and easy to download!