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Traffic Racer: live your best adventure and drive in dangerous highways, enjoying the best game of careers of all times!


If you like the speed and the adrenaline this is undoubtedly the game you were waiting for.

Traffic Racer will make you live unique moments full of emotion and adrenaline while you lead your car through infernal roads. Save money, change your car or purchase a new one!

Lead the charts and turn into the fastest racing driver. Enjoy a game that offers you endless races and where  the main figure is yourself!

Show your friends that you are the best pilot, evade other vehicles and reach an insuperable speed. Spectacular 3D graphs will make you live a real adventure. You have 33 models to choose from, the car of your dreams awaits you!

Designs of unique, modern and realistic cars will impress you.

In what environment do you prefer to drive? In the suburbs?, in the snow?, under rain?, or do you prefer to drive in the city by night? Each of the environments is magic and they will make you live exciting moments.

Play in the mode you like most: endless, two routes, against the clock, police chase and free ride.

Customization of wheels and painting, incredible cars and trucks that will leave you speechless! You will be able to visualize the achievements and classification charts online. Touch the gas button to accelerate and the break bottom to move slow. The faster you drive, the more points you accumulate!

Drive up to 100km/hour and exceed vehicles to obtain money and bonus extras. Do not wait any longer and download theTraffic Racer from Google Play, a game that will not stop surprising you!

Download Traffic Racer here.

Extreme car Driving Simulator: drive the car of your dreams at full speed!


Try the best car simulator of recent times and experience the adrenaline pumping driving the car of your dreams.

It’s so real you’ll be surprised!.

Engine sound like no other. Extreme car Driving Simulator will make you experience the thrill of driving with your own sports car.

Become the best pilot and enjoy all the city for yourself.

Just concentrate on driving, without obstacles or other vehicles that can get in your way.

Do not fear the police chasing you, hit the gas and get ready to fly!

Experience the speed and engine noises as you never imagined before.

Make maneuvers and burn the asphalt with the tires!

You also have the game play to drive in traffic. Make it even more exciting and show that you can drive fast between the cars.

Crush your car and experience real damage!

Different cameras will follow your journey!

Acelerate, turn the car off, turn it on and feel the engines roar as if it were real.

Get free credits, control your car by arrows and experience the thrill of becoming the fastest driver of the game!

Choose your favorite sports car and let the action begin!

Download it here through Google Play!

Fast racing 3D -Fast Racing: the racing game that will turn you into the driver you always dreamed of.


Experience an unparalleled experience competing in the racing game of the moment!.

Fast Racing 3D-Fast Racing will make you live an exciting game full of adrenaline where speed will be your main ally.

Imagine running the race of your dreams with your favorite cars.

Select the most luxurious and fast racing car on the track and show off like never before. Never a car race has been so fun and exciting!

Show everyone how good driver you are, live the adrenaline to the fullest and do not let your opponents overcome you.

Enjoy this acclaimed game where millions of users are competing for the first place.

High-definition graphics, fancy cars and challenging levels makes this game the most exciting you’ve ever known!.

Beat your opponents, remove them from your path and show yourself as the most feared player.

A new racing experience awaits you.

Impressive graphics and the best sounds on the track.

Customize your favorite car and make it shine.

Overcome obstacles, exceed levels and win amazing prizes.

More than 10 hours of gameplay to turn your days into pure fun!

48 intense levels awaits you! Show yourself and give the best of you!

Download now this free application from Google Play Store and become the race driver you always dreamed of.

Download Fast racing 3D -Fast Racing, here!

Dubai Drift 2: skid your car and feel the adrenaline pumping!


Dubai Drift 2 is back for more! And in this new free game brings you the excitement and adrenaline that only a fan of cars as you can experience.

Enjoy the fully refurbished garage, bigger and more exciting!
Join skidding
clubs fight your opponents with the gang.
Would you like to own a club? Believe
in yourself and become an undefeated opponent.
Practice and get excited with your best skids.
Become a Premium Player and earn rewards.
Join the global community
and make contact with users from all over the world!
Pretend you’re in real life and drive your car with inside
cameras. Experience a unique feeling!
Dubai Drift 2 will provide a show of explosions and special effects
like you never imagined before, this game will make you experience pure excitement and adventure!.
Live each race to the fullest and show off your skills behind the wheel. Do not let anyone or anything stop you.
Accelerate and
The best cars at your disposal, those you always dreamed of are available for you to enjoy to the fullest!
Post your skids on social networks and show the world what you are passionate about.
Be prepared for everything!
ve your luxury car in one of the most stunning cities in the world, DUBAI.
Give your skid all the color you want, make your skids on fire and use
unique colors.
Use slow motion to get the most out of your game.
Invite your friends to join this application that will surely leave you breathless. Live such a real game that will surprise you.
With Dubai Drift 2 any other game will be entertain you.

Download it here!

Asphalt 8: Airborne, one of the best racing games that will have you bursting with excitement!


Entertainment and adventure gathered together to make you live unique moments full of adrenaline.

Asphalt 8: Airborne has come to make your life more entertaining.
The most amazing stunts
you can carry them out with your favorite car.

These cars have the maximum power and speed and will help you get the highest score among your opponents.
Enjoy 56 high performance cars with unique style.
The most exclusive brands!
Bugatti Veyron.
Ferrari FXX.
Poison -Lamborghini
and many more.
Real engine sounds that will imitate live racing like you never imagined.
Challenge gravity and use the ramps so that your game is played almost in the air.
Incredible jumps and spins
of 360 degrees.
Compete as
you always dreamed of performing almost impossible maneuvers and unique stunts.
You have 9 different scenarios to compete!
.The Nevada desert and many others.
Discover hidden shortcuts
and territories, graphics as you´ve never seen before with geometric real-time reflections and unique effects that will surprise you.
New modes Infection and Skids.
in multiplayer system with up to 8 real rivals.
Challenge your friends and prove that you’re the best driver of all time
Compare your score and get the first place.
an infernal speed machine and exceed all your opponents.
The best songs will be accompanying you in your game to add excitement to
your game.
Go ahead and download Asphalt 8: Airborne FREE, a game specially designed for lovers of cars, racing and adrenaline!
Start playing now
and let action begin!

Racing Rivals: live an exciting race with the best cars.


Are you a fan of racing cars? Do you like luxury cars? Then this application will really fascinate you.

Live live racing and experience a real competition with Racing Rivals, the most exciting game of all times!
Play in real time, challenge your opponents and play against them in the arcades of Racing Rivals.
Experience the adrenaline pumping in a game that will take your breath away.
Dare to make
risky bets, put at stake your money or your own car! Are you ready?
Your car must win in all competitions so chose its proper equipment, thus
compete weekly in events to control cities and win points for your team. From awards to get the most exclusive cars to super original skins that you will not see anywhere else!
Want to know the brands that comprise Racing Rivals?
Mac Laren, Mitsubishi, Dodge, Ford , RWB, to Acira, SRT or the classic American muscle.
You will see
custom cars and you will be surprised with the luxury of each of these racing machines!
Create your car your own way and take the best of it. Combine hundreds of pieces to make it invincible, add Nitro or turbo rims and customize to make it look unique.
This game will really trap you.

Download now this exciting game and let your dream of becoming a great racer come true!

CSR Racing join the best game of all times.


With millions of downloads CSR has become the game of the moment and each day, more and more users had to this super adventure to experience unique moments full of excitement and fun.

Live the funniest clandestine races and become the pilot career you always dreamed of!
More than 85 cars are waiting for you to become part of this spectacular unparalleled career where you must compete intensely against other players on the streets of the city.
Live intensely this emotion that only CSR gives you, incredible graphics and
an exciting gameplay that will surprise you.
Buckle your seatbelt and reach the first place!
Get the best score and show your qualities as the best driver of all time
Do you like cars? Imagine compet
ing with luxury cars such as Ferrari, Bugatti, McLaren, Aston Martin, and many more!
You will be fascinated to see a world of luxury and authentic
machines you can find in this game.
With CRS you can compete online
as a multiplayer and face the best players in history and thus earn special cars reaching the top of the leaderboard.
Participate in the international tour and complete class 5. Compete and win an incredible Ferrari that will leave you speechless.
Perhaps you like most other luxury
brands? Whatever you want can be yours!
Dominate the city and do not
let others overcome you, respect yourself and watch how your opponents will fear you.
Prove you’re the king of the tracks and that no one can beat you.
Share your accomplishments, get the best score and see how you will become the envy of all your friends!
Customize your dream car with license plates and stickers and get higher profits!Go ahead and be part of this wonderful game where fans of cars and racings are the stars!

Cars: Fast as Lightning: the best game of Disney-Pixar.


If you’re a fan of Cars you‘ll love this app because you will enjoy your favorite characters in a limitless adventure!

Dare to challenge your friends and enjoy along with Lightning McQueen and Mater organizing a super run show in Radiator Springs.
Live the best of speed and adrenaline enjoying every moment Rocking alone or inviting your friends to participate in this incredible adventure of Cars: Fast as Lightning.
How do you see yourself competing with popular characters from Cars in the fastest race you’ve ever imagined?
Transform the quiet village on a busy city full of action and adventure and build your own Radiator Springs.
Highlight your skills as the best racer in history and leave your friends speechless!
The official Disney Cars game awaits!
A unique experience that will keep you entertained for hours without interruption with the most colorful characters. Mate, Francesco and his friends are waiting for you to make your day
Incredible animations and voices of great quality , are part of this great application that will entertain both kids and adults.
Lightning McQueen, Francesco Bernoulli and 20
other characters from Cars are available for you to customize and highlight their fabulous bodywork.
Become the best racer of all time
s with premier cars!
Feel the speed and asphalt under your wheels and discover the amazing surprises
awaiting for you. Use Nitro pulses and simple but powerful controls that surely will lead you to victory.
Transform into a real acrobat choosing different circuits consist
ing of roller coasters and rocky pavements.
Make the most daring stunts in 3D with fun animations.
Compete with your friends and challenge them in a competition like no other.
With this game you will be able to build your own Radiator Springs! With over 30 interactive and super funny buildings.
the classic characters from Cars and get ready to enjoy the game of your life with the most entertaining characters!

BMX EXTREME: a bike game full of adrenaline and action .


If you’re a fan of bikes, racing and stunts you will love BMX Extreme cause it ensures hours of unlimited fun!

You can demonstrate your qualities anytime, anywhere and feel like a real professional in your BMX!
A game that has absolutely everything you´ve always wanted and that you´ll be able to demonstrate with your bike BMX Extreme.
Your favorite bike is waiting for you! Do not miss the opportunity to live this unique experience full of action and entertainment.
Experience the adrenaline caused by intense racing and stunts and get the best score!
¡Compete with your friends and show them you are the leader and that you are able to overcome all obstacles and get through levels while you add points! You´ll see how they´ll also want to control their own BMX!
Make stunts, overcome obstacles and get the first place!
Hours of fun await you!
Get on your BMX and become the best acrobat!
It is one of the best bike games of the moment you´ll really love it!
3D Models, unique tricks, awesome soundtrack.
Make the most ambitious and difficult tricks. Skip obstacles and get as many points as possible You can!
Train, play, and overcome levels, it will really fascinate you!
Share your achievements with your friends and challenge them in this unique ride full of surprises!
Play racing, and make the most daring and original stunts like you never imagined before.
¡Compete with 3D models that will actually make you feel in a real BMX race!
Challenge your friends and let the action and adrenaline take over you.
Different landscapes and scenery will be present to achieve an excellent visual effect
¡Overcome 45 challenging levels that are hoping you show your skills as an acrobat!
¡With BMX Extreme you can take your skills to the extreme and become number 1 in this game!
Easy to play but with many challenges that must be overcome if you want to become the best acrobat of all times
 Start living now the magic and thrill of a competition that will leave you breathless!

Asphalt Overdrive: the hit racing game available for Android.


If you’re a fan of racing and action, then Asphalt Overdrive will fascinate you! 

A game riddled with excitement and entertainment where you must highlight your skills as a super driver !
Live a unique and exciting experience
running from the police in a game set in the California of the 80s!
You must complete missions in this exciting and original game and lead the most sophisticated cars in the world!
Imagine driving a Lamborghini, Countach or Ferrari Testarrosa !!!
This game makes your dreams come true, so start a unique experience and make your mark as a top brand
30 high-performance cars are waiting for you! So get ready for this unique odyssey!
You must meet seven different missions, challenge yourself and
exceed missions, running from the police, jumping obstacles, defeating your superiors and proving your courage making the most amazing stunts while running at full speed!
You´ll really love the style of Asphalt Overdrive because you will handle the freeways of Southern California with unique landscapes.
The game is set in th
e Retro version of the California of the 80´s giving it a highly original style.
Lighting and particle effects in real time make
s it a game with amazing graphics and very striking.
Challenge friends on Facebook and show them and yourself how good you are!
Get weekly targets riddled
of action and adventure and join your friends! Invite them and see how fascinated they´ll become with this game ! share with them your goals and objectives.
Asphalt Overdrive you can record your progress and build on league championships while you show your skills as a super driver.
Would you like to move up
to the top of the ranking? compete in different events and show everyone what you’re capable of!
This game created especially for car lovers keep you entertained for hours! It is highly addictive and will make you want to get more further.
Asphalt Overdrive is a game fraught with emotion, action and adventure and
the best of all is FREE!
Be sure to download it via Google Play Store,
it will take only a few seconds and start running the race of your life!