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64 Games-Super Max Adventure: relive the best retro games!

64 games-supermax adventure

Put joy to your evenings playing the most entertaining super hero game of all times. 
Super Max will take you through a magical world where all you have to do is have fun.

Millions of people around the world
are fan of these retro games, join this adventure where you can enjoy various challenges with this fantastic character.
a really addictive and easy game to play where you have to test all your skills and use strategies to overcome each of the levels.
Retro games are revived in this application that will make you relive the best moments of your childhood.
Skip to hit enemies, br
ake bricks to release powers, collect magic items to become bigger and face the sliding turtles.
Discover the hidden world of Dungoen, the most outstanding feature of the game.
Start living the magic with Super Max Adventure, collect coins, magical items, and defeat more than ten enemies
that will be ready to attack you!
Jump using your powers, defend yourself and show that you’re the real hero!
Jump the most you can and evade the obstacles, score points and have fun like never before.
Enjoy fantastic graphics and animations.
Music and sound will add more excitement to your game.
Face your most feared enemies: the serpent, the giant snail, lances and many more.
Play with the 5 magic objects to help you on each of your games.
Collect stars and collect coins. Challenge your friends in this unparalleled adventure and get ready to win!
Download Super Max Adventure
Free, HERE and let the fun begin!

Relive the best moments of your childhood playing Pacman Championship!


One of the best games of Arcade is back to relive your favorite moments as a child with classic Pacman.

Now you can participate in Pacman Championship, with really incredible graphics, a simple and attractive interface and hours of fun guaranteed!

Become Pacmans champion once again, show off your skills in front of the younger generation and get the best score.

Both, children and adults can compete in this unparalleled edition of Pacman.

The more points you add, the faster you will mov

Go eating pills in your way and avoid the ghosts that chase you to catch you!

You must be quick and use your skills to escape.

Do not let them get you and eat them!

Pacman Championship is just a game you can not stop playing, a classic of all times to turn you into a professional competitor.

Stunning graphics, vibrant colors and lots of action await you in this application.

Play this free edition and compete with your friends, move at full speed and overcome the various levels of difficulty.

Become an addict of Pacman and try to improve yourself in every game.

Get this game that already has been downloaded by millions of people around the world! 

Pacman Championship is undoubtedly the best Android game of all times.

Download it here!