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Agent Alice: a world full of mystery and fun awaits you.


If you like investigations, mysteries and enigmas Agent Alice is definitely the game you expected!

A world full of mystery, questions and entertainment is available for you free on your Android to make you live a unique experience where you will be the protagonist.
Help agent Alice solve the most puzzling mysteries, discovering guilty people and entering a world where imagination exceeds reality.
Each episode has scenes full of intrigue and excitement.
Live adventures, discover clues and concentrate on making your job to solve all the mysteries that surround you.
Every week you must use your wits to solve various cases.
Exceed levels, discover clues and challenge time in each investigation.
Playing to be a researcher has never been so fun!
Test your skills and discover the culprit!
You will discover new cases and characters in the world of Agent Alice. New episodes are renewed every week!
In addition to finding hidden objects you must solve mysterious puzzles.
Each week you will have unique stories with romances, adventures and rivalries.
Its incredible graphics will continue to amaze you and will make you live the magic of finding unique places that will fascinate you.
Agent Alice has become the most entertaining game of recent times.
You also have the option to purchase items within this application, but is only optional.
Become the Sherlock Holmes of all times, with Agent Alice discover a new side of you that will surprise you!

Assassin’s Creed Pirates: the greatest adventure game of all times FREE for Android


Would you like to become a feared pirate of the Caribbean? Then this is the game you’ve been waiting where you can stand out as an evil pirate and fight the way you always dreamed.

Assassin’s Creed Pirates gives you all the elements you need so you can live a unique and vivid adventure full of moments of adrenaline and adventure.
Create your own fortune by becoming the ambitious Captain Alonzo Batilla, break the rules and live life to the fullest your own way.
The best naval battles await you in this super adventure of pirates and captains that will
tun your days of boredom into hours of fun.
Best 3D images
and naval battles in real time that will be held in the Caribbean!
Survive the shots and choose the best lethal weapons to destroy your enemies.
Would you like to become a legend among the pirates?
This is your moment!
Make history by building your own boat, and recruiting your crew.
Acquire the most significant ships of the era, from the gunboats up to the great floating fortress!
Be the best captain and compete like no other! Learn dozens of new hacking techniques and do not let anyone overcome you.
Explore the mysteries and the vastness of the Caribbean in a world like no other.
Dare to find hidden
treasures in the vast ocean and islands.
Find fragments of ancient treasure maps lost
in the Mayan temples.
If you like fish, you’ll get a large collection of them, from the smallest to the most exotic and fearsome sharks.
Challenge your friends and compete with them for the best loot.
Enjoy incredible 3D images and graphics from your tablet or phone.
Take advantage and run the best places, ice mazes and coastal scenery.
Pay close attention to the weather as it is crucial in this game. In the mist your enemies will be hidden and will attack when you least imagine!
Look for the legendary treasure and participate in the most exciting fights.
With Assassin’s Creed Pirates you will
meet the most famous pirates of the time.
Download this amazing game now FREE from Google Play Store and
let the war of pirates begin!

Crossy Road: the best game for mobile devices.


Over 20 million people are already enjoying this viral hit available in Google Play Store.

Do not stay out and be part of this fun game that will guarantee you hours of fun.
Considered one of the most entertaining games of the moment, Crossy Road, will
make you experience unforgettable moments.
Once you start playing you will not want to stop!
The best mobile game has come to change your life!
Enjoy every second and share
fun moments with friends.
Choose from over 50 characters inspired by Pop Art and Retro.
Skip infinitely crossing roads, railway and rivers.
Do not forget to dodge traffic
in the Candy country with the Android Robot.
Learn with every
game and enjoy a unique and innovative style.
The best of all is that Crossy Road is FREE!
Run, jump, play and live unique moments in a game that has it all.
Go ahead and download this free app from your Google Play Store now.
Join the adventure and become the best player of all time
Share with your friends one of the best games of the moment.
Millions of users are already
enjoying it, do not stay out and be part the world of Crossy Road!

Angry Birds Epic: live a unique adventure with your favorite characters.


If you’re a fan of Angry Birds, a game that will make you hallucinate and experience unique moments has arrived

Angry Birds Epic is not only free but will keep you amused for hours with your favorite characters.
Travel through a fantasy world full of action and adventure with the most famous birds in recent times.
Defeat the terrible enemies who always haunt you,
explore a world filled with magic, weapons and extravagant hats like youv´e never seen before.
Be part of this legendary adventure by choosing your own heroes!
Join your flock and defeat all your
pig opponents in an unparalleled adventure full of battles and action.
Learn to master a unique battle system that will make you experience moments of pure adrenaline!
With Angry Birds Epic you can also explore the mythical island of Cerdiña and discover not only mysterious caverns but also indigenous villages and beaches.
Dare to face with Red, Chuck and Bomb and with the rest of the team, King Pig, Porky the prince and his villains.
Use the most powerful weapons and
create them your own way! The most amazing elements will become your weapon of struggle!
With Angry Birds Epic you can have fun dressing up your favorite
characters with lots of original costumes and accessories.
With Angry Birds Epic your days of fun will never end!




The Simpsons ™, Springfield: have fun in an unparalleled adventure.


If you’re a fan of the Simpsons, surely this game will catch you! A burst of excitement and adventure awaits you with The Simpsons: Spriingfield to enjoy hours of endless fun in this exciting world of Homer Simpson and his friends.

You must become a true hero and rebuild the city that Homer accidentally destroyed!
Springfield has exploded and is in ruins, it’s your turn to shine and bring it back to life!
This way you can rebuild your own Springfield FREE!
Use your creativity and take your imagination to fly!
Play FREE one of the most fun games of the moment.
You must help Homer to find his entire family, Marge,  Bart and his friends are waiting to be found and Ned Flanders too!
Do you like donuts? complete as many tasks as possible to win them!
Encourage Apu to concur to Badulaque and meet a lot of workin
g hours
Go to Cletus farm to cultivate and reap receptacles, do not miss it!
For sure you love beer so do not wait and go partying with Duffman!
This game will not only provide fun but includes animated scenes of the series
that has never been seen before so you can enjoy to the fullest.
Get money and have fun with friends at Springfields.
Awesome graphics make this game a unique application that will surprise you.
Get this app free using your Google Play Store and have fun with the characters of the most famous series of all time

ICE AGE ADVENTURES: live a unique adventure with one of the most popular games of all times!


If you are fan of Ice Age now you have the chance of having fun with your favourite characters and help them overcome obstacles and difficulties!

Scrat continues with his desperate chase of the nut with terrible consequences!

The land where are Manny, Diego and all other members of the herd are under threat as the land is crumbling!
They float adrift in the ocean and have no access to their homes!

Help Sid save all the animals, explore new lands and save his friends Diego and Manny.
Sid is desperate and knows that only you are able to help
him in this odyssey.
With Ice Age Adventures you can explore territories with your favorite friends, meet snowfall, stunning islands and lands.
Face big monsters like dinosaurs and overcome difficulties to find the missing.
Join different games and participate in a puzzle 3 in a row so you can save your friends.
Experience th
is unique adventure, hop on a sled with your friend Sid and rescue the offspring of the pack.
Rescue all animals and bring them back to the village.
Scrat is still making the rounds and this time must escape an avalanche!
Use the rescued
animals as enhancers and help Scrat .
Challenge your friends in weekly competitions and get big rewards.
Live your favorite movie in this fantastic game which also features 3D graphics that will leave you shocked, official voices of the characters from Ice Age and the wildest and entertaining animations.
Share your achievements and adventures with friends on social networks and encourage them to join in the fun.
Collect animals and
show them to your family and friends.
Play with puzzles and compete against mammals.
A free game in which both, children and adults, 
will have fun and where you can collect virtual coins, berries and acorns while you pass different levels.
Do not wait any longer and be part of this exciting adventure.

Marvel Battle: historical Marvel superheroes and supervillains gathered together in one game!


Are you a fan of superheroes and comics? Do you like action games and adventure?

Imagine a world where there are only the most admirable superheroes and you!
Now with Marvel Battle you can make your dream come true since the most famous heroes and villains
gathered together in a single game created for you to enjoy and have fun like never before.
te the amazing graphics with heroes and villains that look so perfect that seem to have come out of a comic book.
Have fun with
the classic phrases and characters of the Marvel Universe animations.
Bright colors, modern interface and precise movements make this game a real success worldwide.
Every fighter
fights in an incredibly super way turning the game even more exciting.
To play you only need to assemble the team of superheroes and super villains in Mission mode to defeat Kang, challenging this despicable cosmic and saving the Marvel Universe from total destruction.
An action, adventure game where the best
superheroes gather in one application that will fill your life with excitement and adventure!
Unleash your talents and prove your wisdom intelligently forming teams both
with heroes and villains. This way you get synergies which are based on affiliations extracted from the pages of Marvel Comics.
Turn your character in
to the most powerful of all for best skills, attributes and super attacks.
Thanks to the super controls
specially designed for your device you can now become part of the most bold battles at the best Marvel style.
and join the combat mission without equal. Feel like a true hero fighting for your ideals.
Face your deadliest enemy and display your power.
Thousands of users already downloaded this application and are part of the Marvel Universe.Do not stay out because you too can be part of it!
You can download it now from Google Play Store.It’s FREE and in just a few seconds you can have this super
game so you can play with whoever you want whenever you want!

Looney Tunes. Run! The most entertaining game of the year available FREE!


Are you a fan of Looney Tunes? Have you always wanted to find a game where you are entertained for hours with the most famous characters in the world?

Well now with Looney Tunes. Run ! this is possible! And the best of all this game is available on your Android FREE.
Play with
the luckiest bunny in the world, Bugs Bunny is waiting for you so you can be part of an exciting adventure! other characters such as Road Runner or Tweety, among others, will also be part of this series of amazing games.
Run wildly, dodg
e obstacles and complete levels, achieving objectives and unlocking more characters.
A unique and unparalleled game that will entertain you for hours without a break!
Discover the Painted Desert and explore the neighborhood of Tweety, test your special skills and take with
you the best score.
Feel free to share this fun experience with the crazy Looney Tunes
who will be waiting for you to make your life more fun!
Unlock areas and move across the map, run faster than ever and challenge your enemies.
Get enhancers and become the hero you’ve always dreamed
of. Fly high! Experience the adrenaline and win the first place among your opponents.
Discover surprises along the way. Cross barriers and test your skills.
Learn interesting trivia
s completing your collection of Looney Tunes cards.
Get coins and points to get a prominent place in the game.
With Looney Tunes everything is different, is an educational, entertaining and super exciting game.
Share your achievements with your friends or challenge them in this race like no other. Compete against them and get the best score.
Take the best of you and show them you’re number 1. You will see how much they´ll be fascinated with so much entertainment
Jump, run, play and have fun without limits in a game that has it all!
the modern interface and bright colors that will brighten your day.
Already thousands of users have downloaded this app and like you they are enjoying hours of fun.
Looney Tunes.
Run! is available for free on Google Play Store. Download it and in just a few seconds you will have available the best game of the moment!
Go ahead and live a new fun experience with the best characters of all times!




The Flintstones: Bedrock Rebuild: the classic fun game is now available for Android.


If you’re a fan of the Flintstones and watched all its cartoons a game has arrived that you’ll surely love! . Now with The Flintstones: Bedrock Rebuild you will have hours of guaranteed and best of all you can download it FREE from your Android.

The hit animated series The Flintstones, despite having more than
60 years in the market is still very profitable and has very good hearing in the channels in which it is issued, and that is why their official video game has been recently released for Android.

In this game you can save Bedrock of the meteor shower and rebuild it to your liking. Meet the Flintstones and Marble in the house you rebuild.
Yabadabadú! Have fun with your family and use the exclusive Chacharrosaurios or go shopping in the city. There is a world of options for you to enjoy.

A story full of fun and entertainment in which you have the freedom to d
o what you want most. following the missions that will guide you!

Become friends with the Flintstones, Pedro, Wilma, Barney, Betty, Bam Bam, Pebbles, Hoppy, Dino Baby Puss that are waiting to play with you!

With The Flintstones: Bedrock Rebuild you can enjoy over 400 incredible animations while assigning actions to your characters or animals appliances (cacharrosaurios) when activated.

Over 90 cacharrosaurios are available for you to start collecting them and you show off with them!

Choose mammoth vacuum or pterodactyl striker among dozens of others.

You can customize your home town with over 350 articles and build a total of 60 buildings!

Share your achievements with your friends on Facebook, compare scores and challenge them to achieve the best score. Reigns in the world of Yabadabadú!

Have fun with the most entertaining game of all times.The Flintstones: Bedrock Rebuild is available for you so you can start having fun now!

Compete with your friends and encourage them to download this app, they´ll love it!

Discover closely the wonderful world of the Flintstones and live a unique experience full of action and adventure.

Do not stop helping Peter in the odyssey of rebuilding Bedrock and make your mark as a great player.

Get Flintstones: Bedrock Rebuild for free from Google Play Store and prepare to have maximum fun!

Star Wars Galactic Defense: the most powerful galactic war game of all times.

STAR WARS GALACTIC DEFENSETest your skills and choose your team, which one you prefer? The Strength or The Dark Side?

Spread your powers along with specialized towers and historic Star Wars characters to defend your territory in a game that has it all.
Action, adventure and fight together in a single application: Star Wars: Galactic Defense.
Be part of the battles that take place in different places in the Star Wars universe, more than 100 different battle scenarios and experience the adrenaline that own a game with these features.
Use your strategy as a player and coordinates defense towers strategically using champions to stop waves of enemy attacks.
Manage Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi
at the same time! Two classic Star Wars figures!
their abilities and powers.
Think about your location before acting and
execute correctly the players defense earning unique rewards and special bonuses.
If you master the towers of the players you can achieve victory
If you feel you have the skills to defend the galaxy download this free application right now!
Try to live a game that will get the best player in you and guarantee you hours of fun.
Choose the
Strength or the Dark Side, you´ll get different playing options by creating new and exciting ways that will fascinate you.
Experience the Star Wars universe and prove your abilities in battle.
Exceed levels and score points, also manage your unit level up to create an unstoppable fighting force.
Upgrade your stats increase the abilities of your warriors and earn powerful relics.
Use your best strategy to annihilate enemy forces and make them stop, Take advantage of the powerful capabilities of your champions and destroy your enemies using bombs and carrying out bombings when
Win one of the best board positions fighting together. How? Hooking up with friends and sharing resources.
Earn the best place for board positions while competing in online events
It is essential that
you fortify your towers. Build an indestructible team to defeat your enemies in each stage of the game and prove you’re the leading force.
The strongest galactic defenses are the only ones that will survive.
Download now this free application and prepare to live a galactic war unprecedented