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Hungry Shark Evolution: live an unparallell adventure handling a fierce shark that will cause fear!


If you like adventure and sharks this is undoubtedly the game you were waiting for!

With Hungry Shark Evolution your days will turn more entertaining and full of action.

Control a hungry shark which only desire is to eat everything what he finds and defeat mercilessly all those who stands in his way!

Choose between several sharks to evolve and play with them, between them, the Hammer shark, the great White shark and many more!

Submerge in this aquatic adventure riddled with emotion. Handle your shark and add score to reach the first place. Enjoy spectacular 3D graphs that will take your game to the limit.

Unlock 12 different species of them.

Terrify the world with your fierce shark.

Discover 15 treasures hidden at the bottom of the sea.

Complete more than 75 missions and turn into the undiscussed winner of the game!

Personalize your sharks with eccentric objects.

Increase your power of predator unblocking baby sharks!

Don´t wait any longer and compete with your friends to see which one of you has the most fierce shark!

Millions of people around the world already have downloaded Hungry Shark Evolution, a game without equal!

Enjoy hours of amusement in an application that you will not be able to stop playing!

Download it now, free, from Google Play Store and let the action begin!

Download it here!

Angry Birds Star Wars: the Angry Birds return in an adventure like no other!


The galactic threat is close and the evil imperial pigs will attack at any moment!

You must save the restless birds that are in a very distant galaxy and are in danger!
Pigs have been defeated in the first battle against the
m. Spies attacked from the hidden base and managed to steal the secret plans of the most lethal weapon: the Death Pig and were delivered to the birds who now needs you!
The legendary universe of Star Wars ™ awaits you in an unparalleled adventure. Along with the lightsaber you must defeat the evil pigs that will try to eliminate you no matter what.
Face the dark Darth Vader and show that you are able to beat
Use your best weapons and strategies to restore freedom to galaxy and become a Jedi master.
Experience an exciting
battle as you never imagined before in a fun game that will give you hours of fun.
Let the most famous birds of all time
s take part in this adventure and accompany you throughout the game.
Share your achievements with your friends and become the best player
of Angry Birds Star Wars!

Download it
here from Google Play!

Criminal Case: Become the best detective solving the most shocking murders!

criminal case

Would you like to be a detective and solve impossible cases?

Show your skills and join Grimsborough police to solve the best murder cases you’ve ever known.
Find out who killed Rosa Wolf discovering and analyzing each of the evidence.
Observe with caution the crime scene and do not allow and analyze every detail!
Criminal Case is an adventure game like no other that will bring the detective in you,
as you always wanted!
Discover the hidden objects and search for clues.
Interrogate suspects and catch the murderers, you are
capable of doing it!
Step into the dark and corrupt city where only you are able to do justice.
Concentrate on the items you find and get strong clues that will help you solve the case.
Plan a citation with the likely murderers and show them who’s boss!
Solve the case and
take the murderer to justice.
cleverness in this game is critical, show everyone that you are the best!
Criminal Case is free and you can get it from Google Play Store.
Download now this exciting game that will keep you expectant until the end!

Download Criminal Case HERE!

64 Games-Super Max Adventure: relive the best retro games!

64 games-supermax adventure

Put joy to your evenings playing the most entertaining super hero game of all times. 
Super Max will take you through a magical world where all you have to do is have fun.

Millions of people around the world
are fan of these retro games, join this adventure where you can enjoy various challenges with this fantastic character.
a really addictive and easy game to play where you have to test all your skills and use strategies to overcome each of the levels.
Retro games are revived in this application that will make you relive the best moments of your childhood.
Skip to hit enemies, br
ake bricks to release powers, collect magic items to become bigger and face the sliding turtles.
Discover the hidden world of Dungoen, the most outstanding feature of the game.
Start living the magic with Super Max Adventure, collect coins, magical items, and defeat more than ten enemies
that will be ready to attack you!
Jump using your powers, defend yourself and show that you’re the real hero!
Jump the most you can and evade the obstacles, score points and have fun like never before.
Enjoy fantastic graphics and animations.
Music and sound will add more excitement to your game.
Face your most feared enemies: the serpent, the giant snail, lances and many more.
Play with the 5 magic objects to help you on each of your games.
Collect stars and collect coins. Challenge your friends in this unparalleled adventure and get ready to win!
Download Super Max Adventure
Free, HERE and let the fun begin!

Plants Vs Zombies 2: join the fight in one of the most popular games of recent times.

plants vs zombies 2

After the incredible success of Plants vs. Zombies comes PLANTS VS ZOMBIES 2. More excitement and twice action!

Continue the adventure of the first edition but this time with double the excitement and adrenaline.

A game that has already received more than 30 awards for best application and more than 100 million downloads!

Protect your brain reloading your plants with nutrients,get a lot of them and go out to defend yourself from the zombie attack that will try to defeat you at all cost!

Legions of hungry zombies will haunt you and you must defend yourself to survive.

Make integrated purchases to add more elements or deactivate the option from your device.

New plants and new zombies are waiting for you to fight!

Plan your best strategy and amaze everyone with your skills. Protect your brain using your cunning and join the plants that will be your allies.

Overcome obstacles and levels to score points and become the best player.

Use the nutrients to recharge your plants and combat zombies!

Use the mini game and defeat the crowd of zombies that haunt you!

Enhancers are waiting for you to defend yourself better, use them wisely and prove you’re the winner.

Unlock your Zen garden beating zombies and collecting outbreaks. Plant them and get major defense weapons.

Complete missions and battle Dr. Zombie, the worst ever !. Defeat him and test your skills.

Plants vs Zombies 2 is definitely the game of the moment.

Download it free and give way to action!

Download here!

Plants vs Zombies: be part of the most entertaining fight of recent times! Free for Android.


Fertilize your plants and defend them from the zombi attack who are already ready to invade your home!

Turn your zombies into compost using more than 40 plants were you can find: the anti zombie, nut shields, seed launchers and more!

Stop the 26 kind of zombies who want to invade you no matter what!

You can also use the integrated shopping to turn your game even more exciting, or disable this option from the application. Buy thousands of coins and enjoy the benefits!

Be part of this game that already has received more than thirty awards as The Game of the Year.

Thousands of people have already downloaded Plants vs Zombies and are experiencing real fun.

Become the best player and exceed over 40 levels that will test your skills.

Collect points and get the first place!

Play in the Adventure mode and meet the different scenarios: experience the day, night, fog, roof, and many more.

A crowed of zombies invades you?

Defend yourself using the survival mode!

Have fun with these deadly zombies! divers, cube heads or javelin throwers, among others, are the monsters that you will have to face.

Use your skills to defeat them all because each one has a special power.

Prepare a good strategy so your plant defenses does not run out. The zombies will do everything to get to your home, swim, jump, dance and you must use your resources well to defend yourself.

Want to get stronger and increase your time of struggle?

Progress and get 49 plants and coins. Purchase a snail to use as a pet!

Invite your friends and show them how good you are. Defeat the zombies and become a winner.

Download here Plants vs Zombies and transform your evenings in fun!




Jurassic World: the most famous dinosaurs return in an adventure like no other!


Relive the adventure of Clouded island in Jurassic World. If Jurassic Park fascinated you, you’ll have to download this game that will keep expectant all the time!

The dinosaurs will be part of this epic adventure causing panic and destruction!
Beat your opponents and build the best theme park prov
ing you’re the best.
Interact with your dinosaurs and keep the species safe away from your opponents.
Discover new species and get surprise
s with the packs of cards.
Your favorite characters from the movie will be
part of this game for you to join them and improve genetically your dinosaurs. You can also feed and care for them making them strong and healthy.
Create your own park. Jurassic World ™ awaits you!
Be responsible for the 50 dinosaurs available that depends on your care to evolve.
Rebuild historical buildings and amazing scenery
just like you saw it in the movie.
around the world are waiting to challenge you in a battle like no other!
Explore new lands, carry out exciting missions and play with characters from your favorite film!
Scan Hasbro® Brawlasaurs toys and fight
the dinosaur!
Earn awards and rewards for your game and choose packages of cards that can give life to special dinosaurs.

Download Jurassic World here!




Angry Birds returned to put excitement and entertainment to your evening!

Live again the magic of your favorite characters and feel the adrenaline in a game that has it all.

Angry Birds 2 gives rise to a new era with spectacular graphics and many levels full of challenges and excitement.
More destruction and more pigs boss
to defeat and beat levels.
a bird with a slingshot to launch it! Think your strategy very well!
Get extra birds to destroy blocks.
The Pig Island
as you never seen it! The most challenging levels with the greatest dangers are waiting for you!
t dirty piggies and exceed each of the levels and stages.
The most amazing spells
will surprise you!. Blizzards and gold Ducks among others, will help you beat the pigs. You will also receive help from the Star of the game: The Powerful Eagle who loves sardines!.
Compete with your friends or with
other players around the world to demonstrate your skills as the best launcher of birds.
Get the first place and leave everyone puzzled with your skills.
Compete every day, exceeds levels and earn feathers. Prove you’re the No. 1 in a battle like no other.
Beat the chief pigs! The island is full of them and you need to be smart and use the slingshot to kill them. The famous pigs will want to beat you and keep your eggs. Don´t let them!

Go ahead and
give fun to your life with ANGRY BIRDS 2! A challenge which you will find exciting!

Get Angry Birds 2 here!

Brothers in Arms® 3 : a game full of action and adventure that will surprise you!


The acclaimed series of Brothers in Arms® 3 has come to make you live a unique experience full of action in a game that will hallucinate you.

Use experimental weapons and stand in the shoes of Sergeant Wright. Experience a dramatic adventure game where your stage is located no less than in the later days of the landings in Normandy.
Become a great leader and lead your team using your skills. Power your equipment and qualities of your group to fight
against your enemies.
your brothers in this battle to take advantage and beat your opponents.
the best methods of defense: air, fire, missiles, Molotov bombs and many more.
Turn the veteran soldiers into your new allies unlocking them. Power your skills and strategies and make them fight to support you.
Pure action and almost impossible missions that will make you think and search strategies throughout the game.
You’ll feel
in a real war where your objective will be to defeat an army.
-Use experimental weapons, unlock new weapons and turn them into lethal elements.
-Incredible Scenarios that will give realism to your game.
best visual effects that will capture your full attention.
graphics and weather variations.
-Exceed levels and missions, get rewards and become the winner of a war like no other.
Download this free application and start living this game like
you never imagined before.


Age of Sparta: an epic battle that will bring out the warrior in you.


If you like epic fighting games then you will surely love this app. 

Age of Sparta is a game that will test your skills as a warrior and defending the ancient Greek from the invasion of Xerxes!
You should join and fight your enemies defending your territory from constant invasions.
Save Greece from being destroyed and make alliance with hundreds of players willing to help you out in this great battle.
Age of Sparta will keep you entertained from
the beginning and you will find allies and ways to become the hero you always wanted.
Add points, invite your friends and show your skills as a great fighter.
Use the strategy as a weapon so no one can beat you gathering powers of men and Gods who will accompany you throughout the game.
Defend Sparta, fight for it and combat
in the riskier battles.
Enjoy the incredible motion graphics
with mythical monsters and deadly beasts.
e the Gods with all your power. Do not let them beat you!
Action, adventure and adrenalin will be unleashed in this epic war.
Create and customiz
e a glorious city with monuments, barracks and more.
Want to have the Gods on your side?
Honor them with a sanctuary and
they will join you.
lare war to your rivals joining other players.
Share your achievements on social networks and get the best score!
Get this free app from Google Play.
Age of Sparta
wants to see you in a restless struggle!