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Yahtzee: the classic game for the whole family, free for Android!


Be part of this game and become one of the millions of people worldwide who are enjoying Yahtzee.

A game thought for the whole family to entertain you for hours without interruption.

A board game brought to your mobile device for you to test your knowledge and get the highest score.

Shake the dices, throw them and score. Get ready to shout out Yahtzee!.

You can play games not only with friends and family but also with users worldwide!

Prove to everyone that you’re able to overcome them and win this exciting game.

Use your strategy for each game and do not let others beat you. Your opponents will want to prove they are more than you but use your intelligence get the best score.

Earn extra rolls, use custom dices and play smart.

Play against users “Dice with Buddies” and put the game even more interesting!

Download this addictive game available on Google Play Store, for free!

Millions of people around the world have already played Yahtzee and the number continues to grow.

Intelligence, cleverness and strategy are your best allies in this super game of Yahtzee!

Download Yahtzee here!

With MX Player you can enjoy your movies like never before!


Now you can have a powerful player for your movies look like you never imagined before.

Through your decoding through hardware your videos will shine even more and perform at their best with HW acceleration.

With MX Player you can perform multicore decoding, being the first Android video player that does this.

This greatly enhances its performance compared to single-core devices.

You can zoom in, zoom or scroll the screen simply by pinching it, a quick and simple system that allows you to make simple and effectively movements .

Change the text size with its zoom, scroll texts and place them where you prefer.

MX Player has different subtitle formats.

With the parental control system you no longer have to worry about your kids getting distracted using other applications.

Keep them entertained for hours and turn their evenings into pure fun!.

Get this free application from Google Play Store right now and enjoy a unique entertainment system in your Android.

Get it here!

Fast racing 3D -Fast Racing: the racing game that will turn you into the driver you always dreamed of.


Experience an unparalleled experience competing in the racing game of the moment!.

Fast Racing 3D-Fast Racing will make you live an exciting game full of adrenaline where speed will be your main ally.

Imagine running the race of your dreams with your favorite cars.

Select the most luxurious and fast racing car on the track and show off like never before. Never a car race has been so fun and exciting!

Show everyone how good driver you are, live the adrenaline to the fullest and do not let your opponents overcome you.

Enjoy this acclaimed game where millions of users are competing for the first place.

High-definition graphics, fancy cars and challenging levels makes this game the most exciting you’ve ever known!.

Beat your opponents, remove them from your path and show yourself as the most feared player.

A new racing experience awaits you.

Impressive graphics and the best sounds on the track.

Customize your favorite car and make it shine.

Overcome obstacles, exceed levels and win amazing prizes.

More than 10 hours of gameplay to turn your days into pure fun!

48 intense levels awaits you! Show yourself and give the best of you!

Download now this free application from Google Play Store and become the race driver you always dreamed of.

Download Fast racing 3D -Fast Racing, here! join this addictive free game that will catch you!


If you like games where you must use your strategy to defeat your opponents with you will have hours of guaranteed fun!.
Take on other players in a massive online game.
Name your sphere and make it get bigger while munching other players (
smaller balls).
Catch smaller
spheres to be able to grow more and more, but beware! Because other larger balls will also try to eat you!
n´t let anyone catch you because you´ll lose the game and have to start again.
Keep an eye on your goal and transform into the largest
ball of all!.
With live a unique experience as it is highly addictive.
You will never feel safe and that is why the game is so exciting.
Use the skins and transform your ball with a
n enviable look. Choose colors and designs to stand out among the others. You will be amazed to see all the changes you can make.
Add images and customize it your way, its great!
Playing is very simple since you just have to move your ball in the direction you want to. Moreover you can use your strategy and launch a part of your ball forward to eat the smaller ones.
You can also take advantage of the fake balls and hide behind them until
your enemies pass by. is certainly an exciting game and already thousands of users around the world
are playing it daily.
You can´t stop having it!. Download it for free and see for yourself the power of its addiction.

Download here.

Five Nights at Freddy’s: experience one of the best horror games of recent times!


If you’re a fan of horror and suspense this is definitely the game you were waiting for!
With Five Nights at Freddy’s you´ll live a thrilling
experience in a game carefully thought out to make you live unique moments of terror.
Become a security guard at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza and watch for the establishment at night… but beware!, scary animatronic animals may show up in front of you at any time.
Defend yourself from
the harassment and occurrences of these characters who will find the way to trap you overnight.
You can protect yourself by following them through the cameras located
in the establishment. You can also lock the doors to prevent them from entering, but they will only remain closed for a certain time.
Turn on the lights and check that none of these terrifying characters are nearby.   Five Nights at Freddy’s is funny and frightening!
Try to survive your schedule guard, which goes from 12 pm to 6 am (six minutes in real playing time) for 5 nights.
You count with few defensive weapons and limited movements, so try to save yourself as you can!.
ach night you survive will become more complicated and the animatronics will try to catch you no matter what.
Beat each one of the nights in Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza and become the best player.
Learn to defend yourself from your enemies and battle them without showing fear.
Complete the 5 nights and unlock a sixth one that only an expert like you will be able to overcome.
If you are able to survive, a seventh night will unlock
together with new challenges.
Want to know your enem
A fox, a chicken, a rabbit and a bear
will harass you at night, its rugged and macabre look will turn this game into a real horror story.
Be brave and compete to become the number 1. Prove to your friends you’re the best in Five Nights at Freddy’s
and that nothing and no one will beat you.
A game that has it all!.
Download now this
 game from Google Play and do not let panic overwhelm you!

Colorfy: enjoy and relax with the best app. for coloring.


Want to feel like a child again, coloring as you did when you were small ?

With Colorfy you can now enjoy a coloring game for adults, with many colors and unique designs.

Choose your favorite one and transform the image that you like most.

The ideal application to manage your anxiety and allow you to express yourself and to keep you entertained for hours!

Dozens of designs at your disposal were you can find, mandalas, flowers, animals, landscapes and many more designs.

Combine your own colors, experiment with different palettes and give a special touch to your image.

A simple and fun application where only by touching the screen you can color and zoom controlling the images´s size.

Make your best creation and share it with your friends on social networks.

Colorfy certainly is the best virtual coloring book for adults and children. An app that will serve you as therapy distending yourself while you concentrate on painting.

Put aside the stress and put your energy into an application that has it all.

Take advantage of the constant updates to make coloring always fun and original.

Choose colors according to your mood!

Do you prefer vibrant colors or feel comfortable with light and pastel?

Let your drawings come to life and look really special.

Transform them into lively and colorful images!

With Colorfy you can color from anywhere as you do not need internet access, so get ready to enjoy now!

Get this free application and make Colorfy become your daily therapy brightening your day!

Download it here!

Real Drum: play drums like a pro and awaken the musician in you.


Download Real Drum, a free application you can enjoy on your Android at all times.

Transform your phone screen into a drum kit, which will sound so real it will surprise you.

Use your fingertips and tap the screen. It will sound like a real drum!

A fun and easy game that will kill your hours of boredom and entertain you composing music.

If you always liked playing this instrument you now have the opportunity to learn with Real Drum. It does not occupy space and is not noisy.

60 lessons and tutorials are available for you so you can learn to play drums like a pro.

Learn playing!

Search for live music and tracks and use 24 songs available in this app. Find music from your library and accompany it with the rhythm of your battery.

Enjoy the recorded sounds as if you were in an audio studio!

Excellent quality sound.

Acoustic drum samples.

You can add percussion instruments to change the sound of your battery and make it even more dynamic and fun.

Prepare your battery as you wish and make it sound really spectacular!

Real Drum has the best features were you can find : multi-mode, 23 different drum sounds, audio quality, full drum kit and recording, among others!

Go ahead and get this app from Google Play Store.

Whether you’re professional or amateur, this application will simply fascinate you!

Download it here!

Plants vs Zombies: be part of the most entertaining fight of recent times! Free for Android.


Fertilize your plants and defend them from the zombi attack who are already ready to invade your home!

Turn your zombies into compost using more than 40 plants were you can find: the anti zombie, nut shields, seed launchers and more!

Stop the 26 kind of zombies who want to invade you no matter what!

You can also use the integrated shopping to turn your game even more exciting, or disable this option from the application. Buy thousands of coins and enjoy the benefits!

Be part of this game that already has received more than thirty awards as The Game of the Year.

Thousands of people have already downloaded Plants vs Zombies and are experiencing real fun.

Become the best player and exceed over 40 levels that will test your skills.

Collect points and get the first place!

Play in the Adventure mode and meet the different scenarios: experience the day, night, fog, roof, and many more.

A crowed of zombies invades you?

Defend yourself using the survival mode!

Have fun with these deadly zombies! divers, cube heads or javelin throwers, among others, are the monsters that you will have to face.

Use your skills to defeat them all because each one has a special power.

Prepare a good strategy so your plant defenses does not run out. The zombies will do everything to get to your home, swim, jump, dance and you must use your resources well to defend yourself.

Want to get stronger and increase your time of struggle?

Progress and get 49 plants and coins. Purchase a snail to use as a pet!

Invite your friends and show them how good you are. Defeat the zombies and become a winner.

Download here Plants vs Zombies and transform your evenings in fun!




2015 App of the day 100% free!: get the best paid apps, FREE for Android!


Imagine if you could download all those paid applications that you love so much, FREE!

App of the day is a unique application that offers you for free the best apps for Android.
Save up to over $ 5000 per year
making use of what you love.
Choose the best games, music, sports, video, kitchen,
kids games, football, educational games, radio, health, GPS, strategy and more with the only app that offers daily free apps so you can enjoy without paying a single cent.
You can download everyday on your Android music and videos while you discover dozens of new apps for your mobile device.
You do not need to pay for that app you liked so much, every day
dozens of new payed apps will be renovated and will remain free forever!
Choose the theme you like
most and find it: Cars, football matches results, motorcycles, music, games, videos and everything you can imagine in one application!
Premium paid applications released especially for you!
Send suggestions
opinions and tell us which is your favorite app. The next could be yours!
Enjoy the best free applications without invasive advertising.
The same
paid apps found in Google Play Store but at no cost!
Do not wait, download now
2015 App of the day 100% free! and start saving and enjoying your favorite applications!

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Forza Football: the most complete app. of your favorite sport, free for Android.


For football fans an application that will make you enjoy everything about your favorite sport, arrived.

Forza Football will keep you constantly updated with automatic notifications, surveys,  live scores of football matches and championships worldwide.

Share your opinion with other users. Know what other people think, exchange ideas and find out the most relevant news, wherever you are.

No matter if you can´t watch the match, Forza Football will send your Android all the details and news with extreme rapidity.

Choose your favorite teams and select personal alerts to receive in your device notifications of what matters most.

You can receive detailed news about teams, individual matches, cards and goals.

You can view pictures with the alignments of your favorite football teams before each game.

Join the community of Forza Football, participate in surveys and answer questions of fans around the world.

Let the world know your opinion!

Give your opinion, suggestions and ask any question you want to other fans that like yourself are also part of Forza Football.

Show how much you know about this sport and answer all questions about teams, players and coaches.

Forza Football is undoubtedly the application of the moment.

Be sure to download and keep updated at all times with the latest football news worldwide!

Download it here!