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Mobile Wikipedia: Your favorite free encyclopedia on your Android.


Enjoy free on your mobile device the free encyclopedia that has more than 32 million articles in 280 languages. This work is the most complete and has the largest number of collections that has been known.

With this new app you can browse and edit at high speed.

You can use editing and edit Wikipedia, your contribution will be very valuable.

Use reading history to enter the various links without getting lost.

You can save your favorite pages to read them again and again the times you want even if you are not connected to the internet.

Share content on social networks and encourage your friends to download this fantastic app.

You can change the contents of Wikipedia to the language you want.

With Wikipedia you have all the information at your fingertips!

Enjoy this amazing encyclopedia that certainly has become the most important web worldwide.

Accurate and instant information. Everything, absolutely everything you want to know is here!

Download this free app from Google Play Store and get the most famous encyclopedia of the world instantly on your Android and best of all without being connected to the internet!

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Download and discover a new way of communicating without the need of being connected to the internet!


The best dictionary of all times is available on Google Play, completely free and without having to be connected to the internet! A complete app that also includes translator, audio pronunciation and English content.

With you’ll learn the best English, improving your communication skills and you’ll get all the necessary tools to succeed in any field. You don’t need internet connection, you can learn at any time and from anywhere! Get the job of your dreams or achieve good grades at the university. gives you the security and confidence you need in order to achieve your goals.

Over 2 million definitions, unlimited translations, not only in English but also iother 30 languages. Use the audio and learn how to pronounce the words correctly, you´ll be surprised to see how effective this tool is. Learn languages and speak as a true native. Without mistakes. With its effective spelling correction system, you’ll never go wrong when writing a word. You´ll know the words in their deepest contexts, knowing their origin and history.

Mark new words as favorites, and continue adding knowledge. also helps you understand the financial and medical vocabulary, as well as the different jargon, acronyms, and abbreviations. Open your mind to knowledge and become the professional you always wanted to. makes it possible!

Please download it here!

Memrise teaches languages free and gives you the opportunity to learn as you always wanted!


A new way of learning languages reached your Android to expand your general knowledge and learn the way you always dreamed of.
An effective and simple app. that will
make you learn your favorite language in a short period of time.
With Memrise you can learn up to 44 words per hour, thanks to a scientific system that makes your brain more easily grasp the words.
Through various methods of game that will put your memory
to work you will achieve your goals.
Visual learning
will be applied, as well as reviewing and a fast evocation, among other things.
You can choose from dozens of English courses depending on your level and your needs, 
for free.
an effective monitoring, you can review the words at the right time.
You will have several examples, including quotes, videos and pronunciation.
Memrise’s all a science designed by Ed Cooke, famous for being one of the best-known
memory coaches of recent times. Besides, a team of cognitive scientists work with him in order to ensure effectiveness in this application so you can achieve optimal results.
At the same time, the London University College collaborated with Memrise to organize The Memrise Prize, a competition that is held once a year and that awards with one thousand dollars to the person who discovers the most effective method for learning vocabulary.
These winne
r methods are used in the learning games of Memrise.
Now, learn
ing languages is really easy and effective. Go ahead and choose the one that you always wanted to learn.
Memrise is FREE and gives you the opportunity to expand your knowledge.
it now!

Playkids-videos and games! The best way to learn by playing.


With Playkids your little one will have hours of fun guaranteed learning from the best educational games of all times!

Through his Android he can enjoy characters like Barney, Angelina Ballerina and many more!

Designed for children of all ages.

He can watch his idols without being connected to the Internet, download in favorites the videos he likes most and play them anytime and anywhere.

Playkids really cares about children and has thought in the appropriate characters based on each age.

Many colors, fun and a simple friendly interface is available for them!

Apply the continuous play mode so your child can spend hours enjoying the best videos without the need of pressing any buttons.

Coloring books, a magic piano playing his favorit songs and a trunk full of activities, are, among other things, some of the surprises that Playkids has for your kid.

With just one subscription you will have access to this application on all your devices.

With Playkids you’ll have unlimited access to all its content for just $ 9.99 per month. You also have other very accesible options if you want to purchase it for 3 months or a year !.

Subscribe to this premium service and give your little one a smile!

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Duolingo, the best application to learn a language

Duolingo, the app for learning and practicing a language

Download this free and complete language learning app!  Duolingo is a language learning website and app.  It offers courses in several languages.

Learning with Duolingo is fun and addictive: With whichever language you choose, you progress through a series of lessons: you can earn points for correct answers and lose your lives with wrong answers. If you complete a new lesson, you get lives. Learn a language will never be so easy!

You can read, listen, write and Duolingo will evaluated. You can see your correct answers immediately. Duolingo gives hearts for your achievements.

If you want to learn English, French, Italian, German and Portuguese in an easy and fun way, download this application and start practicing the language that you like, free and easy on your phone!

Learn and practice languages anytime, anywhere! Download this application for free, 100% reliable and effective. It’s perfect for you!

Download here.

Mermaid’s Newborn Baby Doctor: a game full of excitement that will turn you into the best doctor for babies.


Do you like little babies and always dreamed of looking after them and taking care of them? Then you will love Mermaid’s Newborn Baby Doctor!

A very emotional game where you will not only take care of the newborn baby but also of its siren mommy

Siren mom will give birth soon and you must help her take care of her needs with her newborn baby. Bathing, feeding him, making the necessary check up and more.

Think she is very tired, yet excited and happy about the arrival of their new son!

Help her to pass the time as best as possible and to fully enjoy her baby.

Have fun for hours being part of an exciting adventure.

Invite your friends and play with them to be the best doctors in newborn babies!

A place full of excitement and fun awaits you.

Mermaid’s Newborn Baby Doctor is definitely the game that all girls are waiting for.

Go ahead and download Mermaid’s Newborn Baby Doctor FREE from Google Play.

In just a few seconds you’ll enjoy one of the cutest games of all times!

A game that for sure will bring out the best in you!

Translator: a unique application that you can not fail to have!


Have you thought about traveling and you found yourself in the dilemma of not understanding what they want to say or what a word means? Translator is definitely what you’re are looking for as it will help you out in any situation you need.

Translator is an application especially designed for those who often travel and need a translator on hand to solve conversations or understand what they are reading.
Its simple but attractive design serves to translate phrases or words and it can be held in one step uncomplicated and without sophisticated features.
It’s easy, useful and very effective. Ideal to get by and tell us instantly what we want to know.
Translator arrived to Android to make your life easier and you should not worry if you are attending a business meeting or if you just want to go shopping and to make people understand you.
You can free download it to your Android and get this application that translates into far more than 40 languages with spoken words and that will help you get a better understanding!
It is fun and practical, whether if you want to travel or if you just want to learn a new language. With translator you can do it quickly and safely.
Whether you are a student or a businessman with translator everything will be easier, you will travel calm and confident that you are taking with you the best tool wherever you go!
Pronounce the phrase you want and then click the language you want it to be translated, you will not only get written translation but also spoken! This way it will facilitate you how to pronounce what you want to know.
Break the barriers and cross borders with : Translator, FREE. This application attempts to bring you everything you need so you can travel quiet. Whatever is the country you are travelling take Translator with you, so don´t worry and start enjoying.
You just have to type the word or phrase you want to know and immediately you´ll get the answer at hand, you can also speak and your sentence will be automatically transcribed.
Definitely translator has become a phenomenon of Android applications and is here to simplify your life.

Download it now FREE from Google Play Store and let Translator speak for you!

English Course: learn English like a professional.


Want to learn English quickly and effectively?

If you want to learn English for free and in a professional manner then this is definitely the application you were looking for!
We all know that learning English is essential today as it used to work, to travel, to communicate and progress in life.
Therefore we have created for you a totally free online course! Because we know its importance and how you need it.

With English course you will learn from your computer or even better you can download the app on your Android! And always FREE!

What is English course?

English course consists of 38 lessons and 3 final exams that will test your learning during the course.
These lessons have absolutely everything you need to know to learn English as a true professional.

Since verbs, pronunciations, adjectives, absolutely everything is here!

Through written words and audio this English course will help you feel safe and confident because you can learn even faster than any other conventional course. Also beside each word is written exactly as it is pronounced for which there is no margin for error.

It is very professional and helpful, with clear, concise pronunciations, you can also review each lesson as often as you want to feel safe!

Whether you’re a beginner or want to enhance your knowledge, whatever the case is it will allow you to develop yourself and learn more with even better English.

This course is very comprehensive and it´s FREE. It will give you all the necessary tools you need to learn this important language in a fast and effective way.
you read and learn the lessons you must complete three multiple-choice tests that will value your performance.

This course as you can see is very complete, and has everything it takes to become a true professional English.
And the best of all? It’s FREE! And you can download it straight from your Android!

Remember the importance of knowing English today. Imagine that after downloading this application you can learn this language in a professional manner like never before.

Study with your friends and invite them to use and learn from this useful application.

What are you waiting for? Do not stay out and download the most complete online English course now FREE.