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ICQ- Free calls & free video chat for Android.


Never miss a thing and stay in touch with everyone with this super complete application that lets you video chat, make free callssend amazing stickers and messages at no cost!
With ICQ you can do this and more!
Get to know all the latest news,  events and always be at the forefront of what is happening.
With its unique video chat you can always be in touch with family and friends anywhere anytime!
Feel closer to your loved ones by saving distances.
Experience the true thrill of being able to communicate without being aware of the rates and time!
With ICQ
make all the free calls you want to other users who also use ICQ no matter where in the world they are.
Send many messages at no cost in a free chat, using fun emoticons and give color to your chats!
Create a group chat with many participants, the more they are, more fun! Share your experiences with friends.
Your moods can
be shared through cute emoticons, smileys expressing if you’re sad, happy, excited etc! Put excitement to your chats and use every resource that ICQ has for you.
Send photos, files, and
anything you want for free.
Keep your private chats and messages using a PIN that will protect all your data. This way you can use the application securely.
This system
will also protect your pictures and videos.
Download now this super free application and
be part of the great community of ICQ!

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IMDb, the best movie website in the world


IMDb, the best internet movie database

IMDb movies & TV (Internet movie database) is the best application talking about movies, TV and celebrities. Available free for iphone, android phones and tablets.

IMDb offer  a complete database of more than 2 million movies, TV and entertainment programs and more than 4 million cast and crew members. IMDb provides information about movies, shows, trailers, entertainment news and all you want to know about celebrities.

Are you fan of cinema? Want to find out before anyone else the latest news about your favorite movies?  This is the app for you!

Read news, find and watch movies, videos and TV shows. You can see watchlists, the latest trailers, showtimes, the most popular movies, Oscars winners and everything you like related to the film industry.

With IMDb you’ll know when you favorite celebrity is celebrating his birthday and all the latest photos and news about them.

When you choose a movie, you’ll also find plenty information about its actors, directors, photos and relates items.

If you like movies and TV, this is the most useful and complete application to find everything!

Download it here!




If you want to have the most popular source for movie, Tv and celebrity content download now!

Viber, the best free application to call

Viber, to send free messages  and make free calls

Share calls, messages and photos with all your contacts, anytime and anywhere!

With Viber, you can make voice and video calls as well as send text messages, photos and videos on Wi-Fi or 3G, all completely free and very easily. It can be used on all Android smartphones and tablets.

Viber syncs with your contacts and automatically detects which of your contacts use Viber.

Download now and enjoy free calls, messages, emoticons and pictures. You can also create groups with up to 100 participants and communicate with all at once!

With Viber, everyone in the world can connect. Download now and send free messages and make free calls to any Viber user. Completely free with no advertising.

Download here the best application to connect and communicate for free!

TripAdvisor, the best application for travelers


TrypAdvisor, the best information to plan the perfect  trip

Download and install TripAdvisor on your phone to have access to the world’s largest travel network. Millions of traveler reviews, pictures, videos, maps and opinions to plan and book your perfect trip!

This app offers the latest and most relevant information about a range of destinations across the world. It is a free and very easy to use.

With one click you access to all offers and you can book airplanes, hotels and restaurants. TripAdvisor also includes a Forums section, where you can post questions and exchange tips and information with a particular place with others users.

Download maps, reviews, tips and everything you need to know before and during your trip! You can use the TripAdvisor to search for a specific location or set it to look for places in the immediate area around you.

TripAdvisor, a world of travel information, free on your phone! Download here!

Snapchat, share your funny pictures


Snapchat, the fast and fun conversation

Snapchat, the funniest platform to share moments with friends.

Search the white and yellow  ghost on google play and create an account. It’s easy and fast and is available for iPhone and Android, both free.

You can take pictures and videos, add a text and send them to your friends quickly. They are called “snaps”.  They’ll view it, laugh and then the Snap disappears from the screen, leaving no trace, unless your friend take a screenshot.  In this case, the application notifies you so you know who saved what you sent.

Snapchat notifies you when your friends are online and you can chat with them . If both friends are online, the conversation is more fun.

The latest update to Snapchat is Discover. It let users to see content from brands like MTV, CNN, National Geographic and others. There you will find the latest fashion news, videos, photos and all the information about your favorite celebrities.

Download it here and enjoy this visual and fun app!

DUBSMASH: the funniest way to communicate!


How do you see yourself imitating your favorite characters? Dubsmash arrived so you can make your life more entertaining with your friends, doing mimics and using the most famous voices and phrases as if they were spoken by yourself. 

After you download Dubsmash Nothing will be the same!

Record your own selfie videos, Pick a famous phrase and share it with your friends!
From songs, sayings of famous politicians, artists, famous movie lines, Absolutely all this and more is available for you
so you can choose the one you like and entertain yourself for hours!
If you like
acting this is the ideal application for you where you can show off having fun to the fullest.
Just record in a short video dubbing quotes that you like either of celebrities, movies or television series.
There are lots of options for you to shine.
Choose an audio and stand in front of the camera. Once recording starts and you’ve done the dubbing you can share it with whomever you want!
A very
happy & healthy way to hang alone or share this experience with your friends.
Dubsmash is available FREE on Google Play Store.
n´t wait any longer , download right now this application and show the great artist that lives in you!

Translator: a unique application that you can not fail to have!


Have you thought about traveling and you found yourself in the dilemma of not understanding what they want to say or what a word means? Translator is definitely what you’re are looking for as it will help you out in any situation you need.

Translator is an application especially designed for those who often travel and need a translator on hand to solve conversations or understand what they are reading.
Its simple but attractive design serves to translate phrases or words and it can be held in one step uncomplicated and without sophisticated features.
It’s easy, useful and very effective. Ideal to get by and tell us instantly what we want to know.
Translator arrived to Android to make your life easier and you should not worry if you are attending a business meeting or if you just want to go shopping and to make people understand you.
You can free download it to your Android and get this application that translates into far more than 40 languages with spoken words and that will help you get a better understanding!
It is fun and practical, whether if you want to travel or if you just want to learn a new language. With translator you can do it quickly and safely.
Whether you are a student or a businessman with translator everything will be easier, you will travel calm and confident that you are taking with you the best tool wherever you go!
Pronounce the phrase you want and then click the language you want it to be translated, you will not only get written translation but also spoken! This way it will facilitate you how to pronounce what you want to know.
Break the barriers and cross borders with : Translator, FREE. This application attempts to bring you everything you need so you can travel quiet. Whatever is the country you are travelling take Translator with you, so don´t worry and start enjoying.
You just have to type the word or phrase you want to know and immediately you´ll get the answer at hand, you can also speak and your sentence will be automatically transcribed.
Definitely translator has become a phenomenon of Android applications and is here to simplify your life.

Download it now FREE from Google Play Store and let Translator speak for you!

English Course: learn English like a professional.


Want to learn English quickly and effectively?

If you want to learn English for free and in a professional manner then this is definitely the application you were looking for!
We all know that learning English is essential today as it used to work, to travel, to communicate and progress in life.
Therefore we have created for you a totally free online course! Because we know its importance and how you need it.

With English course you will learn from your computer or even better you can download the app on your Android! And always FREE!

What is English course?

English course consists of 38 lessons and 3 final exams that will test your learning during the course.
These lessons have absolutely everything you need to know to learn English as a true professional.

Since verbs, pronunciations, adjectives, absolutely everything is here!

Through written words and audio this English course will help you feel safe and confident because you can learn even faster than any other conventional course. Also beside each word is written exactly as it is pronounced for which there is no margin for error.

It is very professional and helpful, with clear, concise pronunciations, you can also review each lesson as often as you want to feel safe!

Whether you’re a beginner or want to enhance your knowledge, whatever the case is it will allow you to develop yourself and learn more with even better English.

This course is very comprehensive and it´s FREE. It will give you all the necessary tools you need to learn this important language in a fast and effective way.
you read and learn the lessons you must complete three multiple-choice tests that will value your performance.

This course as you can see is very complete, and has everything it takes to become a true professional English.
And the best of all? It’s FREE! And you can download it straight from your Android!

Remember the importance of knowing English today. Imagine that after downloading this application you can learn this language in a professional manner like never before.

Study with your friends and invite them to use and learn from this useful application.

What are you waiting for? Do not stay out and download the most complete online English course now FREE.

Inbox by Gmail : convenient, fast and easy to use.


If you are a user of e-mail accounts and want to simplify your life then this app will be really useful as it will help you organize your inbox in a fast and efficient way without losing relevant information.

With Inbox by Gmail you have the solution at your fingertips, only that you must first request an invitation by writing to
Forget about the classic mail with its tray full of confusing messages that makes you waste time. Now with your Inbox by Gmail elements and messages are automatically organized and you´ll have access to what is really important in just one step.
Which are the characteristics of Inbox by Gmail?
Not only you can get rid of anything you want to remove in just one action but similar messages will be grouped together so you can resolve them simultaneously without having to look at them one by one. This way you will save a lot of time and you will have direct access to the messages you want.
You can also watch the most important information without having to open the message. Invoice flights, view photos of your friends at a glance and track you packages in an easy and effective way to simplify your search.
Forgot an anniversary or event? Don´t forget an important event again. Add the function of reminders to your to-dos list and access your emails.
If you want you can also postpone emails and reminders to access them in the future when you want.
Another role played by Inbox by Gmail is to help you find what you are looking for quickly, either, an upcoming flight, the address of a friend or a particular message without having to check each of them individually, saving time.
This application is a creation of Inbox for Gmail team, which gives you security and peace of mind regarding the information that you keep because it is characterized by being a very safe input tray. In addition you will be protected against spam without going through the hassle of having to delete those messages from your inbox.
Dare to simplify your life with this new system of Inbox by Gmail
Download it now and take this useful application wirh you wherever you go.

MORSE CODE: the most complete application for FREE to have fun while you learn!


Have you wanted to learn Morse code and have never had the chance? Now with our FREE aplication, you’ll learn how to send coded messages and communicate as if you were an expert! 

Learn to write, send messages and experience a unique language that will let you feed your general knowledge and learn old methods of communication.
What is Morse code?
The Morse code was created in 1830 in order to create a method in which each letter or number
could be transmitted individually with a consistent code of dots and dashes. Each stripe has three times the duration of a period.
The sistem of Morse code represents numbers using letters and intermittent signals.
It has been widely used in radio transmissions, most of all in sea and air and its application is currently almost exclusively
for amateur radio and instrumental aviation.
The Morse code was used at times when there was no voice communication and has been
used as SOS calls for people at sea who were in distress.
Each of these letters and numbers are represented by a unique sequence of dots and dashes or “dits” and “dahs”.
At the same time, the board´s length is three times the duration of a period. The duration of a point is the basic unit of time measurement in code transmission.
This useful application has a system of visual cues as the flashlight on your mobile device will flash depending on the duration of the message you send.
The sounds also represent the dots and dashes of the word you have sent.
Just type the words or phrases you want to send and let the application do the rest for you! You’ll be surprised at how immediately your phrase with dots and dashes, sounds in line, with what you’ve written and flashing lights, will
be translated. Morse code is the best app for your Android and Iphone.
This application will teach you to translate the Morse code to the conventional alphabet and vice versa.
It is very useful and complete either
if you want to have fun or if you want to learn this old communication system
Learn thousands of words, phrases and abbreviations in a simple completely free application and become a real expert in Morse code!