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Cookbook Recipes: the joy of cooking reached your Android with the best recipes.


Share the best courses and challenge yourself in the kitchen with free Cookbook recipes.

A new culinary world opens up to you so you can cook the most exquisite menus, learning new techniques and challenging yourself to become a great chef.

The best books are at your disposal in a completely free application that will let you learn and cook the most delicious recipes around the world.

Enjoy the taste of Brazilian food, as well as Italian, Mexican, Thai, Cuban, Spanish, Chinese and many more!

Prepare an exclusive recipe for Mother’s Day and surprise her with a delicacy.

If you like cooking, no doubt you have to download this app. Healthy, and tasty food are waiting to delight you.

Surprise your friends by cooking for them, express your love for that special person through a delicious dessert.

Cooking is now easy and fun!

You can prepare recipes of the most famous chefs around the world at your home and show off like never before.

Try to cook simple but tasty food like pizza or classic Italian pasta, grilled chicken, cheesecake and many more!

Use the search engine and type the name of the course you want to prepare or use it to find recipes.

Try the most healthy and delicious food.

Calculate the time it takes to prepare your course.

Colorful images that illustrate the most delicious menus.

Learn to cook sophisticated or simple recipes easily.

Achieve your dream of becoming a great chef .

Thousands of recipes at your disposal so that you can always try something new.

Download this app right now and get the best free recipes worldwide.

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Enjoy Kindle the app that has more than 1,500,000 books at your disposal!


Kindle the star application chosen by thousands of users around the world is available for Android with a simple and user-friendly interface.

More than 1,500,000 books at your disposal including the best sellers, news, and more than 1,400 eBooks, as Don Quixote FREE.

You can sync your books to all your mobile devices through Whispersync so you can start reading on one device and continue your lecture where you left it from another cell phone.

Live a unique experience with Kindle.

Browse through its virtual store and enjoy the best titles.

All those books you always wanted to read are available for you.

Get the best sellers at incredible prices by less than 5.99 Euros each book.

Classics like the Dog in the manger or The Quijote … FREE !.

You don´t know which book to buy? Choose the one you like and read the first chapter for free, this will make you decide.

Kindle has a new design so you can enjoy this app to its fullest. Improve your experience and customize your reading by adjusting the size of the text, choosing the background color by adjusting the brightness of the screen or reading the text in portrait or landscape mode. You choose which way is more comfortable and how to optimize your reading.

Kindle for Android has everything you need!

Want to know the meaning of a word? Do it by pressing it and use the built-in dictionary to get its meaning.

If you need more information you can also use the links to Wikipedia or Google.

If you want to refer back to a particular theme or character, among others, you’ll find it inside the book.

Read reviews of other users and recommendations entering the online Kindle store.

Delve into the fascinating world of reading.

Kindle has more than a million options for you!

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The New King James Version Bible : enjoy the most important book in history.


Enjoy one of the most popular applications of all times. The New King James Version Bible arrived to Android to change your life in a real positive way.

No you can share the most important verses and feel closer to God than ever taking the Bible with you wherever you go.

Share God´s holy Word, feel safe and secure at any time and strengthen your faith with the Bible, a book that will never leave you and that you´ll be able to count with any time you want.

The best of all is that this application is totally Free so you can enjoy it at all times.

Who published The New King James Version?

Thomas Nelson published this great version of the Bible in the year 1979.

In 1979 the New Testament was published followed by the Pslams in 1980 and the full Bible in the year 1982. It took almost seven years to complete it.

The New King James Version Bible is now used universally and is also known as the Revised Authorized Version.

Not only its the most populat Bible of all times but also the one of the best-selling Bibles.

The NKJV is a very faithful version of the Holy Bible that respects its origins and meanings.

Now you can relax reading this great version, share with your loved ones the Holy Word, and feel happy , safe and secure any time you need so.

The Bible will always accompany you wherever you go and you´ll be able to read it, study it and reflect about it at any moment.

Do not hesitate and take advantage of the good things the NKJV has for you.

Download it now FREE from Google Play Store, keep with you the most important book in history and start experiencing a real close up with Our Lord.