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Piano Tiles 2: an entertaining game that will allow you to play the piano while competing with your friends!

PIANO TILES 2After the success of Piano Tiles, there comes Piano Tiles 2, in order to enjoy the best musical game you have never known!

Compete globally with your friends and show them how good you are playing piano. Its insuperable quality sound makes it one of the most exciting games of all times!

Play with a modern and simple interface, touch the correct note and compose incredible melodies. Feel the magic of the piano, with sounds that will delight your ears. Have fun and compete worldwide with participants of the whole world.

Combined multi colors in its interface will charm you!

Perform music and share it with your friends and loved one in social networks. They´ll be surprised to see how good you are at playing piano!

To play, you just have to tap the black key and that way manage the perfect melody.

.Add score and win the first place. Overcome your own speed every time!

Train your fingers to tap faster!, overcome the different levels and demonstrate that you are capable of completing each one of them no matter how difficult they are.

Piano Tiles 2 has caused sensation between its users and already has been downloaded by millions of people around the world.

Play at being the best pianist and download this free game through Google Play!

Download Piano Tiles 2 here!

Hungry Shark Evolution: live an unparallell adventure handling a fierce shark that will cause fear!


If you like adventure and sharks this is undoubtedly the game you were waiting for!

With Hungry Shark Evolution your days will turn more entertaining and full of action.

Control a hungry shark which only desire is to eat everything what he finds and defeat mercilessly all those who stands in his way!

Choose between several sharks to evolve and play with them, between them, the Hammer shark, the great White shark and many more!

Submerge in this aquatic adventure riddled with emotion. Handle your shark and add score to reach the first place. Enjoy spectacular 3D graphs that will take your game to the limit.

Unlock 12 different species of them.

Terrify the world with your fierce shark.

Discover 15 treasures hidden at the bottom of the sea.

Complete more than 75 missions and turn into the undiscussed winner of the game!

Personalize your sharks with eccentric objects.

Increase your power of predator unblocking baby sharks!

Don´t wait any longer and compete with your friends to see which one of you has the most fierce shark!

Millions of people around the world already have downloaded Hungry Shark Evolution, a game without equal!

Enjoy hours of amusement in an application that you will not be able to stop playing!

Download it now, free, from Google Play Store and let the action begin!

Download it here!

Download and discover a new way of communicating without the need of being connected to the internet!


The best dictionary of all times is available on Google Play, completely free and without having to be connected to the internet! A complete app that also includes translator, audio pronunciation and English content.

With you’ll learn the best English, improving your communication skills and you’ll get all the necessary tools to succeed in any field. You don’t need internet connection, you can learn at any time and from anywhere! Get the job of your dreams or achieve good grades at the university. gives you the security and confidence you need in order to achieve your goals.

Over 2 million definitions, unlimited translations, not only in English but also iother 30 languages. Use the audio and learn how to pronounce the words correctly, you´ll be surprised to see how effective this tool is. Learn languages and speak as a true native. Without mistakes. With its effective spelling correction system, you’ll never go wrong when writing a word. You´ll know the words in their deepest contexts, knowing their origin and history.

Mark new words as favorites, and continue adding knowledge. also helps you understand the financial and medical vocabulary, as well as the different jargon, acronyms, and abbreviations. Open your mind to knowledge and become the professional you always wanted to. makes it possible!

Please download it here!

Traffic Racer: live your best adventure and drive in dangerous highways, enjoying the best game of careers of all times!


If you like the speed and the adrenaline this is undoubtedly the game you were waiting for.

Traffic Racer will make you live unique moments full of emotion and adrenaline while you lead your car through infernal roads. Save money, change your car or purchase a new one!

Lead the charts and turn into the fastest racing driver. Enjoy a game that offers you endless races and where  the main figure is yourself!

Show your friends that you are the best pilot, evade other vehicles and reach an insuperable speed. Spectacular 3D graphs will make you live a real adventure. You have 33 models to choose from, the car of your dreams awaits you!

Designs of unique, modern and realistic cars will impress you.

In what environment do you prefer to drive? In the suburbs?, in the snow?, under rain?, or do you prefer to drive in the city by night? Each of the environments is magic and they will make you live exciting moments.

Play in the mode you like most: endless, two routes, against the clock, police chase and free ride.

Customization of wheels and painting, incredible cars and trucks that will leave you speechless! You will be able to visualize the achievements and classification charts online. Touch the gas button to accelerate and the break bottom to move slow. The faster you drive, the more points you accumulate!

Drive up to 100km/hour and exceed vehicles to obtain money and bonus extras. Do not wait any longer and download theTraffic Racer from Google Play, a game that will not stop surprising you!

Download Traffic Racer here.

ShareTheMeal-with children: help in the fight against global hunger and make a child happy with this simple app.

share the meal

 Help change the world and be part of this initiative that helps, along with the United Nations, to combat hunger of millions of children around the world!

Helping was never so easy and being part of this movement will make you feel really complete.

How many times we wanted to help children that we know are in serious needs and don´t know how? ShareTheMeal offers you, in a very simple way, the possibility of helping kids. This way we can contribute to make a better world.

With only 40 cents of euro you´ll be able to help a child with hunger for 1 day. According to Wired of Germany, ShareTheMeal is one of the 15 best ideas to combat hunger.

The United Nations, in turn, stood out this app and assured it has the potential to promote a better world with the help of all of us. It is really fantastic! With just one click you can make the difference. You can help change the world “sharing a meal” with these children in need and suffering. It doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing. You can help from anywhere to needy children in a very simple way.

You can monitor our progress as we will keep you abreast of where your food will be distributed and the impact generated by the same. Not only you can collaborate but also your friends! Encourage them to be part of this initiative.

Download this app from Google Play Store and help thousands of children around the world.

Together we can make a difference!

Get Share theMeal- with children here!

Baby Sleep Instant: Give your baby his best hours of sleep.


Does your baby has difficulty in sleeping? Does he cry and you don’t know which is the reason? One of the reasons why your baby may be crying incessantly is because he is tired but cannot fall asleep by himself. If you see that your baby is supplied, with the diaper changed and that you are playing with him, it is time to put into practice this super app that will make your baby immerse into a deep and pleasant dream.

Baby Sleep Instant is a caress for your baby, different melodies will make him feel safe and at peace. You can record your own cradle song and you´ll see that when he´ll listen to your voice he´ll feel quiet … mom is near … Choose among the different sounds that include: heart beat, washing machine, hair dryer, music boxes, shower and many more. These sounds will be a caress in the soul for your baby and he´ll sleep peacefully.

Leave the mobile device near your baby and schedule a specific time to begin and end the music. It is advisable that the cell is in airplane mode to avoid another type of sounds. You’ll be calm and happy seeing how your baby enjoys it. Give your child what he deserves, make him feel confident and secure. Download this app to assure a deep sleep to that little person you love so much.

Download it free from the Google Play Store and experience a new way of pleasing your child.

Download Baby Sleep Instant here!

Call Timer-Control Plan: the application that will track your minutes helping you save money.


The app that you’ve been waiting for arrived!

With Call Timer – Control Plan you won´t have problems any longer figuring out the remaining time you have left to talk. You can control the use of your data plan, as well as your calls and SMS. It will also alert you and hang the call so you don´t exceed your minutes, if you wish so. Not only will it control your phone calls, but also the consumption of internet data and data in general.

This way it will help you save money and enjoy your Android to the maximum. Call Timer is highly effective and will become your trusted application at all times. Would you like to know which apps use more data? ¡Call Timer will warn you! Take a better control excluding free applications of data consumption.

With Call Timer you don’t have to worry when you’re about to reach the time limit on a free call, through its effective system it will inform you when this happens so you can enjoy your conversation. Configure the app to hang your call automatically when you reach the predetermined amount of time or use the redial option, auto hang up or auto answer in your numbers for free.

Set the alert times depending on your contacts,choose a type of alert with sound and vibration and much more!

Millions of users have downloaded this app and are enjoying its benefits! You too can enjoy it!

Download Call Timer from Google Play and start saving now!

Get the application here!

Keyboard Go-Free Emojis: transform your Android as you always dreamed of!


Color your life and use  the best app to customize your keyboard… FREE!

The number 1 keypad emojis app of Google Play, is now available so you can transform your mobile device and have fun like never before!

Go Keyboard developed its package emojis, the most fun and colorful, so your Android looks really unique. Express your feelings with creativity, surprise your friends with the best icons that will perfectly represent your state of mind in an incomparable way. More than 800 emoticons and smileys that will leave you speechless!

You can use them in all apps, not just in Whatsapp but also in your SMS, Gmail and more! Access very easily to all the emojis, emoticons and smileys! Classify them and use them as you like.

Add text to your emojis and share it with your friends! Use social networks and express your mood in smileys. No matter what version of Android you have, this app is adapted to all Android devices so you can truly enjoy the pleasure of communicating. Already millions of users downloaded this app and are enjoying it everyday.

You too can be part of it!

Download keyboard GO – free emojis, from the Google Play Store and activate the icon keyboard Go.

Get ready to surprise yourself!

Download this app here!

COOKING MAMA Let´s cook!: prepare the most delicious dishes and play to be the best chef!


Do you like cooking? Would you like to invite your friends to eat delicious courses prepared by you?

With Cooking MAMA you can enjoy the best cuisine and prepare your favorite recipes! Remove, mince and fry all the ingredients to make cooking more fun than ever. Use the simple controls that allow you to handle yourself without difficulty and delight yourself with delicious courses.

Choose the mini game you like most and have fun! Become a great chef and prepare fabulous courses. Show how good chef you are, put on your apron and combine the greatest amount of recipes. You can make your passion for cooking real with Cooking Mama Let´s Cook! Share your recipes and play with your friends. Make your food more exotic and special. Use your creativity by merging different types of ingredients and add flavor to your day.

Is your dad hungry? Cook for him and serve him his favorite meal. Make him happy with a delicious course!

What does he like most? hamburgers?, ice cream?, pizza? Cook for him his favorite food receiving incredible gifts in return. Play every day and get important rewards. Cooking Mama has everything you expect from a super game.

Download it now from Google Play and begin to shine!

Download Cooking Mama here!

Memrise teaches languages free and gives you the opportunity to learn as you always wanted!


A new way of learning languages reached your Android to expand your general knowledge and learn the way you always dreamed of.
An effective and simple app. that will
make you learn your favorite language in a short period of time.
With Memrise you can learn up to 44 words per hour, thanks to a scientific system that makes your brain more easily grasp the words.
Through various methods of game that will put your memory
to work you will achieve your goals.
Visual learning
will be applied, as well as reviewing and a fast evocation, among other things.
You can choose from dozens of English courses depending on your level and your needs, 
for free.
an effective monitoring, you can review the words at the right time.
You will have several examples, including quotes, videos and pronunciation.
Memrise’s all a science designed by Ed Cooke, famous for being one of the best-known
memory coaches of recent times. Besides, a team of cognitive scientists work with him in order to ensure effectiveness in this application so you can achieve optimal results.
At the same time, the London University College collaborated with Memrise to organize The Memrise Prize, a competition that is held once a year and that awards with one thousand dollars to the person who discovers the most effective method for learning vocabulary.
These winne
r methods are used in the learning games of Memrise.
Now, learn
ing languages is really easy and effective. Go ahead and choose the one that you always wanted to learn.
Memrise is FREE and gives you the opportunity to expand your knowledge.
it now!