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Mobile Wikipedia: Your favorite free encyclopedia on your Android.


Enjoy free on your mobile device the free encyclopedia that has more than 32 million articles in 280 languages. This work is the most complete and has the largest number of collections that has been known.

With this new app you can browse and edit at high speed.

You can use editing and edit Wikipedia, your contribution will be very valuable.

Use reading history to enter the various links without getting lost.

You can save your favorite pages to read them again and again the times you want even if you are not connected to the internet.

Share content on social networks and encourage your friends to download this fantastic app.

You can change the contents of Wikipedia to the language you want.

With Wikipedia you have all the information at your fingertips!

Enjoy this amazing encyclopedia that certainly has become the most important web worldwide.

Accurate and instant information. Everything, absolutely everything you want to know is here!

Download this free app from Google Play Store and get the most famous encyclopedia of the world instantly on your Android and best of all without being connected to the internet!

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YouNow: the best app to stream live music!


Increase your audience, at the same time you meet new people and share your favorite videos live. YouNow has everything you need to make entertainment last and, why not, turn your videos into a real success!

By pressing the “Now” button you will start the transmission thus gaining followers on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Meet new friends and have fun like never before!

Do you want to promote yourself as a singer or show your skills as a dancer? This is your chance! Promote yourself and make social networks break out!

Share with your friends and loved ones fun live broadcasts while you interact with them.

You can follow your favorite broadcasters seeing them each time they have live appearances! YouNow will keep you updated when this happens.

Through the profiles of your friends you can stay connected with them, chat and have a great time together while they are not live.

YouNow is definitely the app you were waiting for!

You can download it for free from your Google Play Store.

Don´t wait any longer and start interacting with your friends and followers NOW!, you’ll love it!

Download YouNow here!

Periscope: broadcast your favorite videos live.


With Periscope you can stream videos to everyone live!. Your followers will be notified immediately and will be able to join and comment in real time while they send hearts!

The more hearts you get, the more they ´ll scatter on the screen!

Periscope has several functions, including repetition. As soon as the transmission ends you can reprogram it to repeat it so that no one can miss it or see it later.

Allow users relive the experience of seeing your videos with comments and hearts.

You can remove them at any time or let them last 24 hours.

Use the Private option for transmissions so that only certain people can see them or invite people who wants to see the transmission.

Share your transmissions via Twitter by clicking the icon before it begins.

Tweet a link when you are live so your followers can see it through the Internet or in the app. itself.

Depending on your network of Twitter you will be notified by Periscope about suggestions of people to follow on the network. You can follow new people or quit if you do not want to receive notifications.

You can also set preferences for notifications in Periscope’s profile.

The more hearts you receive from viewers, the more you climb to the category of “most loved”.

Download now this free app from Google Play and enjoy sharing live video with friends!

Download it here!

Tinder: the # 1 app of all times that allows you to connect with people in your area.


Locate those in your area, check the person you like or simply indicate “omit” anonymously.

If the two of you match and like each other, Tinder will introduce you and you´ll be able to chat within the app.

This system has revolutionized the way we communicate as more and more users choose Tinder to find the love of their life or just make new friends.

You can act as “Cupid” in Tinder, connect your friends with each other so they can chat without having to share their personal information.

Tinder is a safe app. that recognizes your location via GPS on your mobile device.

It also prevents fraud since it connects directly to Facebook, thus preventing you invent fake profiles.

Go ahead and enjoy this super app to meet people locally!

Begin to make better friends or find the love of your life with just one click!

Tinder is free and you can get it from Google Play Store. Download it now and change your life!

Download it here!

Wifi Master Key – by connect to internet for free and enjoy it wherever you are!


Connect for free to the Internet using the Wi-Fi sharing system. Millions of users around the world are taking advantage of it!

Just look out where the Wifi point is indicated with a blue key and use it freely.
With Wi-Fi Master Key you will live an amazing experience, not only you will save but also avoid the cost of mobile data logging free to wireless networks. It’s easy and at the same time extremely safe.
Connect to Wi-Fi through the blue key!
No password is revealed, they will be encrypted for privacy and safety of those who share
You can easily understand
it in your own language.
Available in 11 languages: Thai, Indonesian, Malay, Vietnamese, Portuguese, French, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, Hindi, Turkish and
we will shortly add more!

Wifi Master Key is by no means a hack tool for that is illegal and only Wifis allowed by users will be shown.
More than 700 million users share this community,
you can join too!
Enjoy the internet on a secure platform.
Go ahead and download now this super app to enjoy to the fullest!
Download it now from Google Play.

Download it here!




Tumblr: the most complete and fun way to communicate.


If you like fun and to be constantly discovering content you cannot miss this free app you’ll love!

Tumblr has everything you need to make your days more entertaining!

Join the Tumblr community and share the most interesting content, enjoy what users publish and give room for fun.

Everything you can imagine is now available in this super app., from pictures, GIF’s, audios, videos and much more!

Be passionate about what you do and create your most original content.

All your favorite artists are here and you can follow them as a true fan!

Musicians, actors, comedians, designers and the most interesting characters you know you will find them on Tumblr.

Discover content in various ways, explore the universe of Tumblr and surprise yourself with what you’ll find!

From your own blog find the most fascinating contents, repost incredible posts from other users or create your own,

Add comments to posts that you like and allow others to also comment yours, know people in the Tumblr world!

Make new friends and enjoy this free app. that guarantees you hours of fun.

Send private messages to the blogs you follow and get in touch with a unique community.

Show your personality according to your mood !, change the colors of your text, add Gif’s or add a fun profile picture that can also be animated!

What are you waiting for? Download Tumblr now for free from Google Play Store and get ready to live magical moments!

Tumblr makes it possible.

Download it here!

YouCam makeup: enhances your beauty instantly!


YouCam Makeup-Beauty Salon, is your portable room makeup!

Now you can apply your make-up instantly by testing the perfect combinations of lips, shadows, masks, foundations and much more. Use your makeup differently each day, depending on your mood, clothing or occasion.

You can try dozens of different looks that matches your style and personality. You no longer need makeup to take a picture, YouCam Makeup does it for you!

Use the Cosmetic-Cam to take pictures in real time, with just one click you will achieve a unique effect. You can achieve the ideal style for each event testing the combination of hundreds of colors.

Get a supple and perfect skin with the incredible effects available. Change your eye color, whiten your teeth and cover dark circles and blemishes.

You will look like a princess!

Let your selfies look really unique! Share what you like most about beauty, exploring the latest in fashion.

Get inspired following experts in the industry publishing pictures that will surprise you. Tag the products you use and publish photos on your profile to share your style. Get yourself a perfect face a luminous skin and without defects!

By simply pressing a button, you can adjust the changes immediately.

Create a natural look or use more makeup depending on the occasion.

Make your skin look more or less tanned according to the season.

Restore your skin to an ideal style.

Improve your nose to get perfect factions.

Sharpen up your face and look more thinner.

Put style to your eyebrows, give brightness to your eyes or give volume and lengthen your lashes.

This app is truly magical!

And there is more!

Hundreds of colors of shades for your eyes, different types of glosses for your lips to look fleshier.

Use different styles of eyeliners for an incredible look.

Change your hair color and hair styles.

Test different and great styles.

Get the best tips of professional stylists at your disposal!

YouCam makeup will make you shine with your look as it gives you all the necessary tools to turn you into a true star!

Become the envy of all your friends.

Upload photos with an unmatched production and feel more beautiful than ever!

Your best style, wherever you go.

¡YouCam Makeup-Beauty Salon  gives you the solution!

Download YouCam Makeup-Beauty Salon here, from Google Play Store.

Imo video and messaging: the funniest way of communicating with your friends!




Now communicating is much easier and more fun. Send messages to your friends for free and make calls at no cost!

With imo you´ll avoid charges on your mobile device when sending SMS and doing unlimited calls. Enjoy a unique app that gives you the possibility of keeping permanently in touch with your loved ones. Excellent quality video and voice calls to optimize your conversations.

Create chat groups with whom most matters to you: family, friends, work colleagues or whomever you choose. Share files, pictures, music and free videos. Use fun emoticons to describe your moods! Send messages from anywhere 24 hours a day! Confirm in real-time the delivery of your messages.

Discover a new way of communicating and connect with millions of users around the world! Imo video calls and messaging, is without doubt the app you’ve where waiting for!

Download it here!

Ask Now- ask for Food: Your favorite course, in minutes, at your home.


Do you want to know an excellent way of asking for food, without needing to make a phone call? Ask Now, gives you the chance of selecting your favorite course through your cellphone and get it at your home in just minutes.

Choose between more than 15000 restaurants in 10 countries of Latin America, between them, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela.

Ask for your favorite food, which one is it? pasta?, pizza?, meat?, your favorite restaurant is waiting for your order!

Using Ask Now is very easy and practical! Avoid making phone calls were the line is busy or were they don´t pick up the phone.

You must simply use your current location and a list of restaurants in your area will spread out before you. Choose the one you like most, mark the options of food that you wish and confirm your order! Immediately you will receive a notification informing the delay time and your menu will be prepared in order to be taken to your home soon.

Add notes to your orders, if you wish so, or read other users comments and rates in order to see the reputation of the restaurant where you are placing your order.

In addition, you will be able to repeat your last menu, so you don´t have to mark everything again and also rate the service leaving your comments.

Ask Now is quick and 100 effective % and free!

Don´t doubt if it really works, it is the same as speaking by phone, only that simpler and practical!

Join thousands of people who are already adopting this new method.

Download Ask Now from Google Play Store, FREE and enjoy your order!

Download Ask Now here!

Flashlight-Tiny Flashlight ®: the most powerful tool for your Android. Free.

Linterna - Tiny Flashlight ®

Have you lost something and cannot find it?, there´s a blackout and you can´t see anything?, Tiny Flashlight gives you the solution!. Now you will be able to count in your mobile device with a powerful led flashlight that will facilitate your life. It will illuminate whenever you need it, find what you lose or light up any place no matter how dark it is. It is simple and very useful. Compatible with a wide range of devices with flash.

Flaslight – Tiny Flaslight is the most powerful tool you have ever known and you´ll be surprised with its brilliant light!

Choose between different widgets and use incredible lights for the screen. Color Lights will give your Android a personal touch

The flash of your camera will serve to emit light. Enjoy its different types: policeman, emergency and many more making your cellphone look unique! Change the sheen and the colors! Join thousands of millions of people who already downloaded this super app.

Get it FREE from Google Play Store and begin to use the benefits that Lantern-Tiny Flashlight has for you!

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